May 7, 2009

Come What "May" :)

The first post in this month...and after a long gap!

Many things happening at random...... Its IPL 2..and Deccan Chargers have appeared with a bang...and poor KKR & MI are going deep down... :(

Elections have taken the news channels in a frenzy! I casted my vote...yes...and had to rush to my office as we didn't get a leave unlike my other branch offices.....
Lets see..from Ahmedabad seat, its Advani vs Mallika....and its definitely gonna be Mr. Advani here.

Its quite a scene to see politicians suddenly coming out in the crowds

Well...reading In spite of the Gods these days...which is good for references!!!

Getting no time for myself since many days, which is OK coz the workoholic soul in me doesnot allow to carry forward the work for the next day:)

Boss gone out on vacation...and suddenly I am feeling more responsible and devoted to my work. more so, because the new interns have joined so delegation of work, and making them explain the tasks is very rough.....This is strange...i want my boss to come back soooooon:)

But yes, for me its a learning step..a chance to see how well i perform in the zones i have not ventured before and wothout my boss's support..

Anyway, time to go back to work and check score of the match...if it has stated!