Mar 20, 2009



Am going to Delhi tommorow....:)

Mar 15, 2009

"Moral"of the story

"If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything."
True! Principles guide us in moving ahead towards our goals.

Initially I was not sure what I want from my life. And nothing surprising, I am still not sure about it. But yeah, I know,what I don't want in my life. There is a long list of those things...aaah
Success at work, happiness and peace are all subjective. Momentary elements.

My beliefs are very strong about certain things. And I know no matter what happens I will not change them at any cost. Some of my friends find this a little odd because they say beliefs change with time. I agree with them to some extent but still cannot completely adhere with them.

To me forgiveness is one of the greatest virtues on earth. More than honesty.

I have seen that sometimes out of contempt we say many things to others, sometimes silently say them but it always pinches deep down and then its like...ohh forget it..its ok...!

But some people are vindictive...they keep malice till the score is settled....such behaviour is detestable.

World would be such a nice place if there was all goodness around...which is so not possible.

I often complain about people, changing nature and oddities of life. But I am happy that I am a part of it. My flaws are there as well. A little bit of harmless manipulation, most of us indulge in that.

Hypocrysiy isn't it that the same done by others I criticise and the same done by me eg..I call it mind games or something more that sounds like a jargon:(
I need to change myself on these lines...hmmmm

Well, do morals play an imp. part in our lives?
We all have heard fables and stories from grandmas, in kindergartens which tell us do this and you will be admired, or do that and you will be happy...yeah and we grow up and do things which are not in accordance to the morals(some of the times) ....
a different slice of life altogether..haa

Mar 13, 2009

Ok the perfect substitute for..

OK ....Ever wondered what pontential this abbreviation has ???

Lemme just get into deep.

How are you? I am ok

How was your day? mmm it was ok

How was the movie? it was ok

See what I am trying over here is to kill my time ..nothing much about this post..

Mar 12, 2009

Small is Big!

Small things are more than enough to light up a grumpy day! Well this is with reference to the new playlist which has my fav songs and yeah the much wanted song was downloaded finally...The time of my life..Dirty Dancing! It is such a great piece....

Coming back to small things, I must say that though all of us crave for lavish things in our lives, and we pretty much succeed in having them and enjoying them but they lose the shine soon. Why to suggest others when I can judge myself over here....

I can whine for long about something and nothing would turn up well and I would try to call up my best friend and she would say "baby I am little busy ..will catch u later"...and more whining within.....and then out of the blue there will come a random thought about something and I would be my natural cheerful self again;)

And therefore, a wise man has said " It is vain to do with more what can be done with less."

Wow....I really love these wise men and women who have written such wonderful things.

Mar 6, 2009

What's in your plate?

Office lunches are gr8 times to laugh and keep aside the work stuff.

When I and my collegues are eating together, its a blast:)

Office gossip, dirty politics and past work disasters all come to the surface and discussing all these we relish our food.

I am thinking of a time when everyone was silent and looking into their no can't think of any such day!

Usually what happens is that between 1-2 pm people are bored and especially me...if I have not much work then I am tormented mentally if any delay is there ....but yes, when there is too much of work to be done, food automatically takes a back seat!

Okkk coming back to lunch atmosphere....we share food just like kids do at schools....and we listen songs, watch tv..
yeah its fun to be in ad agency..pros and cons attached herewith:)

So happy mealssssssssss :)

Mar 5, 2009

Feeling bad :(

I am so pissed off at so many things rite now...I hate this sucking atmosphere..i have no words to tell my statae of mind...This random post is just helping me in taking out the bitterness....
Ohhkkk this is all about the mind games