Mar 6, 2009

What's in your plate?

Office lunches are gr8 times to laugh and keep aside the work stuff.

When I and my collegues are eating together, its a blast:)

Office gossip, dirty politics and past work disasters all come to the surface and discussing all these we relish our food.

I am thinking of a time when everyone was silent and looking into their no can't think of any such day!

Usually what happens is that between 1-2 pm people are bored and especially me...if I have not much work then I am tormented mentally if any delay is there ....but yes, when there is too much of work to be done, food automatically takes a back seat!

Okkk coming back to lunch atmosphere....we share food just like kids do at schools....and we listen songs, watch tv..
yeah its fun to be in ad agency..pros and cons attached herewith:)

So happy mealssssssssss :)


Ashutosh Didwania said...

Awww..u just reminded me of my school days..those lunch breaks n hordes of tiffins with friends all over it..
As far as office lunch is concerned, well dats whr all the backdoor activities start getting divulged..isn't it..These days all that cribbing n bitching seems such a turn i've literally started avoiding groups during lunch hours..

Vanya said...