Mar 5, 2009

Feeling bad :(

I am so pissed off at so many things rite now...I hate this sucking atmosphere..i have no words to tell my statae of mind...This random post is just helping me in taking out the bitterness....
Ohhkkk this is all about the mind games


mind hunter said...

After following you up for along time,it is my first comment.I just wanna say that don't get so pissed of.It may appear as cliche but " Prepare for the best and hope for the worst" .
I think sometimes we think that everybody thinks on same frequency .so we fall prey to mind games.I have been victim of these mean games too.
Anyway , its Holi in a day or two.So cheer up and celebrate the festival of colours. Happy Holi

Vanya said...

heyy..thanks for wonderful comments:)

i read ur comment today & Holi is was fun..hope u too had a gr8 time!