Nov 30, 2008

Unexpected turns out to be GOOOOOOOD


Unexpected thing turns out to be good. Yeah i will complete this later......sleeepy now

Being Vanya....

I am: complicated in an interesting way
I think: i think too much :)
I know: a great deal about myself
I want: a labrador puppy....zorro:)

I have: learnt so much from my mistakes.. i am thinking of making a few
I wish: to travel around the world
I hate: getting up early in the morning
I miss: my school days

I hear: whatever my conscience tells me (I follow it or don’t is just another story)
I smell: good
I crave: chocolates
I search: the divine force

I wonder: what if the TV was never invented.....OMG and what if I had a twin sister...aah my parents would have faced a touch time:)
I regret: nothing..atleast for now!
I love: dancing in the rains, basically i love rains!
I ache: when children are dragged on streets for begging :(

I know I am : a superstar in front of my vain can i get....:)
I am not: fat
I cry: sometimes
I believe: in God and myself

I dance: on foot tapping tunes
I sing: whenever i feel like. and then i forget who is around me till this person tells me or virtually makes me stop from irritating him/her..btw i am not that bad la la!
I read: often.
I don't: interfere with others unless i am really close to. and if so, i love to bug:)

I fight: when reasons fail.
I write: random
I win: hearts...damn i will never get enough of myself:)
I lose: respect for someone who pretends all the time.

I never: wish bad for anyone(some times i do in my heart and later feel bad for doing so)
I always: try not to judge people. but can't help it

I am good: at helping others

I am bad: at keeping up with time...

I confuse: my friends with throwing big- random- stupid facts which are all made up in my head and make them look true and then later reveal they are just figments of my imagination and see how they react....
I listen: to my heart(it is different that i don't act accordingly, but yeah most of the time i do!)
I can usually be found: at my home, crosswords, malls.....don't call me at work..i disappoint ppl who ring me at working hours! and my friends hate me when i don't pick up their calls...
I am scared: that a wild bull will run after me and hit me:(

I have been born for: making the most of my life

I need: not be that lazy as i am
I am happy: many things make me happy and a good sleep is one of them;)

I am obsessed: with my new perfume

I can go on and on and on: about anything exciting if it has something to do with books, food
and films.

Nov 28, 2008

26/11 - A SAD CHAPTER!

On 26th Nov. a national tragedy occurred.

Courtesy ....terrorists
Place ..their fav. Mumbai and
Venue - Taj and Oberoi hotels and a Jewish centre, Nariman House!

There is humongous grief and anger coiled up inside every Indian. To these militants, it is a matter of "pride" and victory.

They have chosen a new track, a new medium this time. They meticulously planned the events, equipped themselves well with ammunition and barged into the heart of our country. Merciless killings, firings and death of innocent lives.They have targeted Indians and foreigners. What a shame!

This is not new for India. We have witnessed terrorist activities in Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh...everywhere ...have they left any corner of our country?

Jammu & Kashmir is the biggest example of land being plundered and society being destroyed in terror movement.
In small cities and towns such incidents happen and we forget. But if something happens at a big scale in Mumbai or Delhi our eyes are wide open, suddenly we are glued to TV channels and keep on surfing it for the latest update.

And where the hell is Raj Thackray...isn't he anymore concerned of his dear Mumbai.
Where are Laloo Yadav, Mayawati and her brigade of politicians..Wow lips sealed not even once did they emerge on TV and expressed their views.
Terrorists are encouraged even more when they see political dis balance in our country.
After 9/11, in USA, the Democrats, Republicans all became one despite of their differences to stand against the situation.

There is nothing to blame. Its a fact. They are merely spectators and opportunists who crave for power and votes.

A terrorist activity in a village or in a metro is still the same. But the difference lies in proportion of loss and casualties. Media coverage plays a major role here monitoring every step.

And our Police force, NSG, Commandos are doing their jobs deftly. Our defence forces have shown immense courage and smartness in dealing with the fanatics. And we have lost some of the heroes in this battle. Every Indian should salute such martyrs.

This entire operation will end soon. But it will generate questions and issues on mammoth scale.
Security lapses, implications of this terror attack on Indian economy and trade, and relations with Pakistan will come to hold(pseudo-cold war will definitely start).

Something that has come as a positive from this episode is that at least now Indian security systems will be improved. They are smart people and well trained. They have money, power and strong backing from big terrorist groups across the globe. To wipe terrorism out is not easy but what is required is to be one step ahead of them.

Defencive approach is not going to lead anywhere. It is high time that our Government picks up offensive approach. Of course there are strategists and panels of security officers, but they come out only when terror struck Indians are made hostages or killed.

One needs a definite and absolute answer to some serious questions here.
When I watch news channels and see them flashing headlines anger and hurt simultaneously rise in me. No one can do anything sitting at home except hoping and praying.

Terrorists wanted to create a social and economic havoc. They wanted to send signals to international community as well and have well-tried so far.
Puncturing India's somewhat stable economy especially in times of recession, affecting Indian ties with west, were secondary goals.

And it is not the question of Hindu - Muslim over here. Many policemen and security personnel who went into the rescue mission were Hindus and Muslims. The people who were gunned down by militants were from different religions. Some were even foreign nationals.

Terrorism does not have a face, it does not have a religion. If it has anything then it is the aim - to spread terror and establish their dominance in the farce of religion( religious supremacy by calling it as an offering to God...what the hell! )

No religion in this world allows killing of another human being, so why would Islam!
Bloody losers!

It is the disillusioned youth that has been involved with worldwide terrorist organisations.They have been brain washed and bribed and overpowered with religious sentiments. And see the results! Pakistan one itself will pay for its acts.

Indian Government must send clear message that such heinous acts will not be tolerated anymore and immediate strong measures must be taken.
Russia has done it, America has done it. Israel has done it. When will India?
Better infrastructure, tight security and advanced technical safety measures must be developed and adopted to prevent nefarious incidents.

I just hope this terror attack, the biggest one in India teaches manifold lessons for the days to come and we don't forget it as any other black day!

May our Government finally take strict actions against terrorism and
May all terrorists rot in hell! Amen!

Nov 26, 2008

Mostly used words and phrases

Words and phrases which I use much so that I lose the count also. They are

  • Ok
  • Wow
  • Yeah..rite!
  • Precisely
  • I know
  • What the hell
  • What a jackass
  • What a dimwit
  • Freaking crazy
  • Yippie

Mystery Unfolded

Minutes later, I opened the door. It was dark, cold and silent all around. Trying to penetrate in the silence, I heard a noise.....not clear though.

Trembling fingers and soft steps led me into the space and I remembering all the horror flicks in one go, could not believe this was real.
Moving across the surface, something touched my feet. Imagining what could it be, I picked it up. Through my inward eye, I assumed it would be a wooden statue. Holding it, I moved forward. Would this road to the unknown end soon?

Repeatedly, my ears heard the strange sound that was the only sound I could hear besides the sound of my breath.
It is true that fear has no face.
I started to walk fast. I had to finish it quick.
Suddenly the statue from my hand fell and I kneeled down. To my surprise, I could not locate it near me. I stretched my hands. It was nowhere.

The sounds were echoing now. I heard foot steps. And then I felt someone behind me. This feeling came because one always expects someone attacking from the back, our pre-judged ideas extend from everywhere.

I did not stop there and tried to get hold of anything that came my way. Something very swiftly slipped from my hand in a moment.
I knew this touch. I knew I had to make my grip stronger next time.
Again I tried and caught hold of it.

It was my cousin's turn now.....we were playing BLINDFOLD!

Nov 14, 2008

Indian Flag on Moon

A proud moment for all Indians...

Wow...what an achievement by ISRO!

India has become the fourth nation to join the elite league, after the Chandrayaan spacecraft in lunar orbit successfully launched an impact probe at the lunar surface.

Say it right & Do it right....who am I fooling!

I am really putting it forward now. There are certain situations which become so huge out of nothing and they blow up everything a bubble made from soap water disappears in a fraction of second.

So, I am asking myself can we handle these situations or can we not? If we deal with them intelligently then its fine. But there are times when we just delay certain things ...we wait for things to happen on themselves as if someone is going to come and clear up everything!
And then finally we do what is appropriate...

It has been quite a while now, and, I have come to this point that it is always better to speak the truth at the right moment. Delay, waiting, procrastination just ruins everything.

My God....I make this post so complicated!
Just learnt - say what i want to say and do what i want to do. there is no good in bottling up things in mind....

Nov 13, 2008

It ain't over till I fill in the blanks

What is that ...

  • attracts me ...intelligence

  • excites me ....adventure sports

  • hurts me....indifference
  • gives me joy....Being in the company of people i love, trying out new dresses, eating, reading, dancing..more so in front of mirror, talking with some one who is not an unarmed opponent, surfing the net, cooking and blogging too!

  • one thing i want to have for fun.....a wall for graffiti & then see my creativity

  • one thing i want to have forever....a camera to click all that i want to!

  • one thing i would share with smile

  • one thing i would not share with diary( its shocking)

  • i respect....honesty

  • i wish i had in me....patience
  • i love about myself.....i am not modest....hehe.ok on a serious note, my belief in God

  • i hate about myself....laziness

  • i wanted to be when i was actress/ a teacher/ a robot!

  • i kill my time with...sleeping or daydreaming.

  • i want to visit....Greece, Egypt and our very own Taj Mahal..want to see why ppl go gaga abt it

  • one celebrity i would like to meet....Cyrus Brocha; he does not actually fit into celebs but still!
  • one word that describes me perfectly....friendly.(moody comes close to it!)

  • one character whose shades resemble mine - Scarlett O' Hara

The Devil & the Angel in me :)

Aah...this one is going to be really interesting.

I presume everyone in this world who is normal and sane in worldly ways has 2 sides to him/her -
the devilish one and the angelic one.

At certain times, our mind guides us to behave in a perfectly admirable manner almost like a gentleman or a lady but there are situations when we succumb to our impulses and weaknesses and react in outrageous and ghoulish manner.

Well, I am very curious about such things because I like to observe and study human nature closely.So, this post is just an attempt to see how people unconsciously and consciously portray their devilish and angelic traits...

Situations determine our behaviour. For instance, I am very much unpredictable as a person. Sometimes I go crazy about something and then one has to bear with my whims. This is in a positive sense..pls don't take it otherwise. I am lost and moody but very much grounded to my surroundings.

So, I have seen my devil coming out when I might have overdone gossiping which could have been averted, or I might have said certain things to someone which later I have regretted, or I might have done something which morals & values forbid me to do. Ok.

I don't repent over such things because they have happened in past and who gurantees that I won't act like this again in future? Matters of past become painfully significant (depending on the nature) if we hold them to our heart and cry over them....
I am not justifying anything because I have limited control on my actions and speech(..although I try a lot) but yes no matter what we do or what we say has effect on others more particularly on them whom we love, care and respect.

But this devil always picks and chooses the loved ones and often hurts their feelings and it cannot redo the undone:(
There have been incidents seemingly harmless and stupid where I have ignited and provoked them...Well this is not an alter for confession..I am not that lame...see the devil is emerging out again....

All I am doing is trying to break free the boundary between these two aspects.

If winter is here , can spring be far behind..doesn't this remind one of many such proverbs like where there is shadow there is light...something like that....
This is more like the wonderful characterstic in humans...the angelic one!

When are we genuinely good? truly nice?
We are almost angels when either we are too selfless to something/someone or totally selfish. I'll explain.

Our natural self is really good. So, atleast in my case I am devoted to my folks(those who are really close to me) so being good to them is very spontaneous and natural out of love and affection and the special bonding I share with each of them.
I can be congenial to strangers because certain people send positive vibes. It can also be vice versa.
Out of sympathy, compassion and pity one can selflessly behave in a commendable way.

But when our interests are too big and stakes are too high we might act good whereas our thoughts tell a different story. What I am trying to bring about is the fact that we portray the best about us and the rest is all hidden. Funny..but true isn't it?

Why do we act like this? Why can't we be good all the time? May be beacause is it impossible to be good or bad 24*7....and then comes the real answer..because human beings are born innocent but with time they gather virtues and vices and behave accordingly.

Anyway, it is different from person to person. As far as I am concerned I am a little secretive about many things. So, I have the devil and angel in me.....Blogging allows me to liberate my mind from vague thoughts that struck me out of the blue. And it is easier than to write them in a diary..which is a lot more personal.

Sometimes the devil and angel clash and then we face the big every stage of our life.
"What should I do? Should I do this? or Should I do that?"
And here we make choices....tough ones and we continue to make them for whole is a cycle.
And sometimes when the angel wins this battle, we get peace of mind. This is when we feel light, and content(and such moments are occasional!).

So it is a way of looking at things in a bright way and not repenting on things which shouldn't have happened or why they happened. One does commit mistake and learn from them. And one does act selflessly and nicely.

So, I am enjoying the dualities in me..the good and bad both...only making sure that in this process I be true to myself.

Nov 9, 2008

Episode 1 - My Delhi Days

I am happy to see myself regularly devoting time for writing posts.

As a child, I remember having this fascination of doing something extraordinary..I still have that intense desire in me..thinking of situations where I will rise to the occasion and so on..its not shallow because it comes naturally to me...Today, I am writing about my stay at 2 places...New Delhi and Mumbai..

Both cities represent the modern India, the cosmopolitan culture and diverse gap between the visible and invisible. So, how these cities have brought in some changes in me and how I have developed an awe for certain qualities each place has in its own way is something very special to me .
Details are not necessary because memories can follow a sequence but here its the depth that matters....
There is something about these cities that allure me! can't define it...Maybe the political, or social importance or another reason which is very personal..but there is something that makes me nostalgic about it.

When I was studying in New Delhi for my Masters, (2005 -2007), I came across wide group of people who were totally strangers to me and later on became very good friends...a great camaraderie established with everyone during lectures, projects and after classes fun!

Those days were so different coz I found a new side to myself....where I could know and study myself, my abilities and my flaws..
I came across the good, the bad, and the ugly side of human nature.....
And maybe staying at home I could have just missed everything...
It was a tremendous learning experience because I wanted to to try out so many new things in my see so many new things, to realise the world beyond my room, my home...a strong wanting to explore myself...and the rest

Everyone has moved on in their lives leaving behind the happy memories..
I remember 14th September I celebrated my birthday with my 2 roommates..Pallavi and Jhuma......oooooh....How they had planned a surprise on 13th midnight.....I was ecstatic ...:)

And then my next bdy in 2006, at Pizza hut..where the entire gang was present....we did crazy things that day.....

We used to party whenver we could...which ever way we could without any reason....and laugh out loud till tears came out...Played games, Teased each other, Competed in eating food,Played cards and cheated and bursted out laughing looking how stupid we looked.

We started to learn Salsa and pratcised it and on what note we ended it..all with bollywood style latka-jhatkas.....
Learned French that time...that was one nice thing tha happened..
Movies whether good or bad were always welcomed....The Rang De Basanti Effect..what we did at India Gate at 2 am ......aah that was too hilarious.....and shopping.....for that we girls used to save money like anything...and once exams got over, like some one used to set us free.... used to spend it on accessories, t-shirts, etc etc..

We learnt Value for money over there big time:) Window shopping at South EX and GK....!

Then when we went for training program to Switzerland.. it was an amazing time of my life...It was like been there, done that kind of a thing:) only the other way round!
Late evening after lectures, how I and my friends crossed platforms at Geneva and ran after river Rhine see the mesmerising waterfall dividing Switzerland and Germany...without informing the faculty members and rest of batch mates....Talking to natives over there and making fun of them later....taking snaps with them with crazy poses...then Mount Titlis....freezing in snow and remembering Shahrukh n Kajol in DDLJ which has immortalised the romance in the way but its a classic!

My internship days were coool .....there was lot of hard work and responsibilty even though it was just a training period.....but had great time

Getting back on track....But this was not all....One should have seen us during classes and projects...Esp in teams...High competition....trying to beat the other group....the mega assignments...dealing with conflicts and clashing opinions and maintaining the cool temper was so challenging that it amazed me a lot but this is what I had come to get myself prepared about lot many things......the company visits, getting busy with research...and helping out friends....

I loved giving presentations....because I, being a good speaker ....ahem ahem:) feel different when face the audience...being centre of attraction thrills has always been the case with me... can't help used to work upon my speeches deftly...

Still remember the big one...Asian Century - Hope or Hype! That was part of our National Economic Planning subject and it took everyone in a frenzy......we had burned the midnight oil to make it the best and it turned out to be a great success...ours went so well that everyone was speaking about it it the promotional aspect or content, it was brilliant...
Professors liked it as well and applauded our group's effort...

Farewell was sad....more for me bcoz I could not attend it as I had to leave the very day to Ahmedabad:(
Anyway, the crux lies in the fact that Delhi made me a stronger person, gave me a new direction, how to assess people, how to judge oneself....this one still has scope for improvement!

It was not just a good-good story, hit my shares of lows as well..but went ahead for an adventure of a lifetime..a beautiful one!

This was about Delhi days...and I and my friends are planning for a reunion soon! Amen:)

Episode 2 - My Mumbai Days

So, its Mumbai now!
If some one reads this post till the end, will probably think that I am making it sound almost like an achievement..but for me it was!

First things first.
It turned out to be a blend of many things. A different phase of 6 months where perspectives were created , shattered and rebuilt.

Professionalism, corporate culture, time management and many such multi farious phenomenons which I had garnered in MBA lectures came out on surface. Their application and implementation seemed to me a little paradoxical.

Yes, paradoxical because here no one talked about business ethics, in fact no one was primarily interested in talking about it and least doing anything about it. I gathered that corporate social responsibility and ethical issues are handled and mis-handled at the top level management.
Because at middle level and junior level everyone is interested in realising targets and more focused upon personal growth. Seriously, there is nothing wrong about it. Its happening everywhere.

Anyway, my journey was a short stint with big dream and I think I had my share of it.
1st March 2008, I landed in the city of dreams. I am using this phrase"city of dreams" because Mumbai is synonymous with such tags like "city that never sleeps" etc in the lines of New York.

I had come along with a strong wanting to move ahead, to see the big picture and how things happen over here.
Before I started to work for my organisation in Mumbai, it took me exactly 1 month to learn how the city functions. It is not just a fast moving is running and people run along with it and no one has the time to make a second look! These people whom am referring to are the working class and not the idle folk.
I went to media houses, advertising agencies, corporate houses and one thing that struck me immediately was the interiors...yes besides the Think tank, Executives and Professionals. Beautiful offices, beautiful views and very creatively designed...
My work involved meeting lots of people everyday, making presentations to our clients and training new recruits. Multi-Tasking as it was, I was enjoying every breath of it. It gave me a new sense of freedom to explore my capabilities in a city which was so unknown to me but my zeal was at zenith to see and feel anything new that approached me.
Corporate Presentations were enriching and exciting as I loved my job. It was dealing with all sorts of temperaments and convincing them to sign off the deal.....I met a few celebrities, big people in social circuit for my project....

Then... it was great to train people as I found it challenging and interesting. Challenging because these trainees came from amazing academic backgrounds and to make them understand the job was not so easy as they brought along with them their own fundas and philosophies..(I remembered my training days!).Interesting because some of them were really hardworking, smart and very focused with their assigned work.

When I was working on the project of Residential campaign I came across people of different religions and castes.
I was highly impressed by the Parsi community in Bandra Reclamation who were so knowledgeable and hospitable. Secondly, the Christians residing in Pali Village were really charity oriented ....To them it was not about the quantity of money they were offering but where and how it was channelised.

Then I met a large section of old and elderly people who were living alone whose children were settled abroad. So they were supporting themselves with a little financial help from their kids who drop in their homes on Christmas....Well personally, I felt bad to see them living alone and missing out the family joy and warmth. Still they were happy in their lives, so punctual about their habits..truly inspirational!

I made some great friends in my office...The official parties were great. I and my team had been to Bangalore for a training program which again was a fabulous experience.

One thing that initially troubled me was commuting....the local trains and buses, the crowd and the traffic....Once I was lost on the Dadar station and my colleague was searching and believe me cell phone did not help nor did the directions...Ultimately we located each other....what a nightmare it was!
Later I got acclimatised with trains...and managed pretty well with a few missing trains incidents..The auto drivers were mostly Biharis and hailing from UP..this I could make out from the way they spoke Hindi...

I enjoyed being in Mumbai for another reason as well and that was its dynamism which I failed to see in any other Indian city. Delhi was loud, Mumbai was loud too but in a subtle way!
Its all glitz and glamour, amalgamation of many aspects....Bollywood to Nariman Point, expanding boundaries but moving into interiors of Dharavi one can easily make out the difference between the rich and the poor.
But this city attracts me because of its diversity and there are other reasons as well....I don't live in Mumbai any longer so I miss certain things but as we say everything happens for the best....
Mumbai has taught me many things. Living here has made more independent, more gutsy and a little street smart.

There is much more to write about my varied experiences but I have to limit myself here, else it will go on and on and on!

Nov 5, 2008

I , Obama and Ambition

After a gap here I am once again on my blog site. Wow...this is actually amazing when I get time to write something about certain things about which others are completely oblivious.
Today, I am going to write in brief a little about my visit to my Grandparents' place and my views on Barack Hussain Obama.

I had been on a be with my Grandparents for a few days...i simply love them..
reminded me of my childhood days....when I saw my cutie pie niece imitating so well ..she is like me in many ways....i wish her loads of happiness...
And with me again its the same routine...meeting people, talking to them, everyday..its the same..phew...but finally I am happy that I am reaching somewhere...on my pro front, things are shaping faster now..which is a good sign as i had enough of waiting.

Like today, Obama won the Presidential campaign and became the 1st African-American President of USA....Great moment...A big change...And the whole world is watching...

For the first time I have witnessed in my life, a person who could transcend beyond race, creed, color, and boundaries. He is a leader, politician, visionary, statesman, impeccable orator, and has a approach that touches the masses. He is the President of masses....not just another Democrat taking oath at the Oval.... He has acted as a catalyst to bring back the hidden desire of everyone (not just an American), ....the desire for change..His slogan..."Yes, We can" has become synonymous to "Do or Die" laid by the Mahatma years back...

The entire wolrd had its eyes on this mega campaign...Obama's victory was assured despite of McCain's strong force behind was a result of great planning, strategically built policies and strong belief.

Many things will change from now....many global issues will come on surface..Global recession, Terrorism, Indo-Nuclear deal, Outsourcing and Visa Issues, Global warming..and much more..

Coming days will tell more about how things move from here...Any change is welcomed moreso when it is so positive and so much wanted.It sends a signal across the globe how elections can influence people and how people play a major role in deciding their future, their country's future.

But what about me? What am I doing here....I want to make it big for myself...sooner or later something wonderful is going to happen with me as well...Words become meaningless if not transformed into I have geared up myself to do what I want from my, right now, even if I don't get the kind of job I want, I will use it as a ladder to reach where I want to be in future...

I will not waste time and energy on stupid things...No no no..I will make it big one day...and the day is going to come soon....yeah need to preserve this craving....
Long live Self-motivation!!!