Jul 12, 2009

Sunday - 24 hours are not enough !

Last night I slept a little late. I was reading The memoirs of a geisha. I have already seen the movie. But I feel that a book version is alsways better than its on screen display. It is a good read.

Well, Sunday began with getting up late, which later resulted in late breakfast, late lunch! Yeah, on Sunday, I love to eat with all my heart :)

And there was an interesting article in Times Life on the meloncholy lives of celebrities, their glam n dark shaded personas and the whole hysteria following them when they are no longer alive. Hmmmm it's sad and it will always be like that! Still after many days have passed, it seems unbelievable that MJ is no more.

Well, I watched the new ad of Moratello watch featuring Neil Mukesh & Priety Zinta. He looks goooood but Priety was a wrong choice to suit him in the ad.

Anyway, it's sad to see the mishap about the Delhi Metro under construction pull that collapsed today :(

Well, am not in a mood to sleep..though i want to make the most of Sunday...so will go back..... and get some sleep

I wonder how quickly this monday comes! Yeah and the whole week takes this devil face and screams heee...deadlines deadlines from tom :)

Well well well..there is another reason for me to be happy! Waiting for 25th of July!