Dec 3, 2011

Adios blogger: you have been a great friend

What started in 2008 as an experimental medium to kill time, turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.
Sharing my thoughts and views on blogger has given me a pedastal to realise who i am, what i aspire for and why certain things happen in uncertain way. It has been a witness of my happy and sad moments.
Reading other blogs and understanding them, not only channelled new insights on issues of life, but also gave a sense of assurance that there is so much to be done.
I am moving to wordpress. Just another step to try out something different. But blogging continues :)
Dear friends, thanks for all the comments posted on my was always a fun to read them.
best wishes to all my readers.

Aug 8, 2011

Episode 3 - Hyderabad

I have completed almost 9 months in Hyderabad and the time has passed like waves of the ocean. I still remember the exact moment when I and AH came together at our new house and transformed it into "our home".

How my jaw dropped when i just glanced at the lovely terrace!!so many dreams and so many aspirations. Can not forget the surprise element added by AH's friends for my welcome...And shall always remember the very first day of living together with AH, now my husband!
blush blush :)
Utterly romantic and just splendid...

The city of Hyderabad has given me so much in terms of warmth and happiness. The new friends that I have made, new places I have been to, new experiences I have had.....are too good to be true.

Amazing rains this season have fulfilled my long desire of going crazy under the sky, awesome food right from Biryani to Khubani ka meetha has given a strong competition to my very own Dhoklas/dabelis of Gujju land ..phew! If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then shine of Hyderabadi pearls belong to a lady :) just kidding...i love them both!

Traditionally, the city is rich and with the mind blowing tech revolution, one can easily make out the modern and cosmopolitan culture.

I and AH have travelled extensively in Maharashtra for couple of months, hence am eagerly awaiting for winters to come so that we delve deep into South India.

And yeah the proximity to Crossword has added glory to my book shelf :) just had some really nice books recently.....

With all this and more, I feel good about where I live :) And I know that there's lot more left to explore :)

Apr 6, 2011

Hustle Bustle

I spoke with Jazz after many months. It was a good long chat as usual. We talked about Delhi, the swiss days, the friends and what's happening in their lives.

It's so nice to talk about old days....though we can not bring them back...and there is no need because present is wonderful and future is yet to unfold! Anyway, the best part about talking with Jazz is, I feel the same old self like I was a few years back.

Ever wondered that why we talk differently with different sets of people...mainly because we have different wavelengths and it's hard to catch up with moods.

So, what's happening with my friends...
Jazz got a new job and he is happy. So am I for him.
Nid is on the verge of the greatest opportunity of her life. She is excited. So am I for her :)
Nix got out of an odd situation and hopefully getting into a fresh start.
Rush Gurl just had a vacation. She would be in a state of hangover :)

Mar 20, 2011

Rang Barse...

We had a great time yesterday...not only did i and AH celebrate our first Holi together, also had lots of fun with his friends around...played like school kids after so many years...

there were colors, pichkaris and water balloons splashing was maddening to see everyone going crazy:)

and then there were sessions of mad talks, leg pulling, drinks!!

though, it took hours to clean up the terrace, but it was worth it. missed my family a lot :(

festivals like these brings back the spirit of enjoyment :) coming together and playing without any inhibition is actually the essence...just splendid!

Happy Holi to all :)

Mar 3, 2011

The mania has just begun!

awesome indeed....that Ireland won against England, yesterday in WC 2011 :)
and the captain of Irish team has got a funky hairdo!

Lankan bowler Malinga, got his 2nd hat-trick in WCs '07 and ' kidding!

Hope to see more from Men in Blue in coming days.....whooooooopieeeee!

Feb 1, 2011

What about the other Jessicas?

No one killed Jessica: this movie is special for many reasons.

First, I was watching it with Nix after a long gap...the first movie (with her) post my marriage and at our favorite multiplex. We have a long association with PVR, catching up after office hours and all the way gossiping about our respective bosses and was fun!! It brought up many old memories. Couldn’t help lmao thinking about that horrid day when all our “kewl” stuff was taken by that PVR lady at security!

Second, on a more serious note, it was a movie on the high- profile Jessica murder case. I watched it yesterday much after its actual release date. It was a beautiful film. One cannot relate “beautiful” with this case. But it turned out to be one because the actors essayed their roles superbly. Also, it was nice to see Rani Mukherjee in her determined avatar instead of watching her dance in chiffon saris around SRK! Sabrina’s character was neatly performed by Vidya. Although I presumed that the former was more resolute…I especially liked the police officer, the one person who did “the right thing”.

In the biggest democracy of the world, isn’t it ironical that justice is denied and hopes are demoralized. It happens very rare when media causes this much furor in the masses and masses turn up as a strong force. Justice was delayed but eventually the guilty was punished.

Throughout the movie, one could possibly feel the pain for the loss of a daughter, a sister and an innocent human being. It makes me wonder is there a price tag for a human being’s life? Unfortunately it has and will always be….Money corrupts. Power corrupts mores.

No one killed Jessica is not just a documentary or a movie, it highlights the alarming issue of women safety in our society. How media can intervene and do the just…how youth can actually contribute and actively participate in bringing about the change! This movie is not only an eye opener but also leaves behind many questions…

For instance,

What happens to those rural women who are brutally assaulted within their family?

Who comes ahead and seeks justice for the girl child still killed in many villages?

Why is our judiciary so rigid and slow that verdicts come after decades?

How does a criminal gets away with crime?

The answer lies in the bitter truth: money and muscle power are mightier in this age.

Miss-interpret these signs - part 2


Of course it is...

At least they have good intentions.

Adjacent to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Good advice.

Make up your mind, will ya?

Yeah, and this is the end of the Internet...

Somewhere near Plato's retreat...

Career opportunities for the select few...

Looks like they need a little help themselves..

Jan 11, 2011

2011 - No resolutions this time...been there, done that :)

My first post in 2011....
too much of idle time and yet so late :) :)

A very happy new year to all my friends!

There is so much that I expect from this year and from myself.
  • To be a "good" wife (well, this role is not defined...though I hope will do well)
  • Not to lose my temper so often at home :)
  • Yeah, have to get a job...quick and get my groove back!
  • Cooking isn't rocket science, hence keep experimenting with food!
  • To keep on adding novels in my shelf..
  • Also, have to check on my weight..major issue to deal with!

well, am in a new city...and i am liking the fact that i don't feel alien the quiet streets, the supermarket where i often go out for groceries there is so much to explore...

have furnished our home now...and its looking beautiful :) both I and AH have put our hearts in making our home - "sweet home"..yep..can feel us in each corner of the house..romantic to the core :)

living in a penthouse, has its own advantages and one of them is the terrace, just love the evenings :) we had called our friends for bonfire was just awesome! had a great time...

AH's friends are good...enjoy spending time along with them....had gone for a party a few days back with was a bowling alley competition and maybe luck was showering that night, i won ..i played that bowling game for the first time and i beat all of them in 10 rounds..happy to share that AH came 2nd and I won..I won ..I was a great feeling :)

Anyway, gotta go now and set the dinner table....

May this new year bring good luck and happiness to all :)