Jan 11, 2011

2011 - No resolutions this time...been there, done that :)

My first post in 2011....
too much of idle time and yet so late :) :)

A very happy new year to all my friends!

There is so much that I expect from this year and from myself.
  • To be a "good" wife (well, this role is not defined...though I hope will do well)
  • Not to lose my temper so often at home :)
  • Yeah, have to get a job...quick and get my groove back!
  • Cooking isn't rocket science, hence keep experimenting with food!
  • To keep on adding novels in my shelf..
  • Also, have to check on my weight..major issue to deal with!

well, am in a new city...and i am liking the fact that i don't feel alien here...like the quiet streets, the supermarket where i often go out for groceries ...plus there is so much to explore...

have furnished our home now...and its looking beautiful :) both I and AH have put our hearts in making our home - "sweet home"..yep..can feel us in each corner of the house..romantic to the core :)

living in a penthouse, has its own advantages and one of them is the terrace, just love the evenings :) we had called our friends for bonfire dinner..it was just awesome! had a great time...

AH's friends are good...enjoy spending time along with them....had gone for a party a few days back with them...it was a bowling alley competition and maybe luck was showering that night, i won ..i played that bowling game for the first time and i beat all of them in 10 rounds..happy to share that AH came 2nd and I won..I won ..I won..it was a great feeling :)

Anyway, gotta go now and set the dinner table....

May this new year bring good luck and happiness to all :)

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thecrusader said...

happy new year vanya!may all ur wishes come true ,in this new stage of life,in a fabulous 2011!!