Feb 26, 2009

Make me rude :(

Stupid stupid me..:)

Oh I can never be rude to anybody...damn me...I was supposed to be annoyed with this person in my office and lo..when the moment came , I said all that I wanted to say in the most polite manner..
This was my one chance to show my aggression on this friendly-help-you type of guy. And the situation slipped from my hand..now I see myself amused and a little angry on myself..

All these brilliant words that I had saved for this particular occasion in my mind....never came on my lips...aaaah it hurts..

Feb 24, 2009

Dive your nose into...

There are certian smells which are so prominent. I have made a list of certain things from which their typical fragrance is inseparable......

When the rain drops touch the mud on earth

When petrol is pumped at gas fuelling station..it is intoxicating

When one enters a mall and the mixed smells of perfumes flowing from all directions fill in the nose and u get a sneezzzz..aaachhoo

The smell of camphor in Aartis

The smell of wind blowing across the sea

The smell of a small baby

The smell of sandalwood

The smell of cigarette smoke...eeeewwwwww

The fragrance of rose which no other flower can beat

The smell of fur of cat

The smell of coffee beans

The smell of mehndi leaves

The smell coming from newly painted walls in a house

The smell of my fav food item made by mom

The smell of success :)

Feb 23, 2009

Breaking the Lull

I have realised that my best of thoughts hit me when I am in auto going to office and getting back from office. It is the only time when I am really indifferent from the world. I see strange faces, same buildings, same streets everyday, the same traffic signals.
It is so damn monotonous that sometimes I am amused by non-existence of change.

I leave at 9:10 am and the morning air refreshes me like anything. We don't know what non-polluted air smells like but what ever I inhale is pleasant.

And then for those 15 mts I am totally into myself. I think about various possibilities and situations, imaginary yet real in context with virtually anything.

The same happens when I leave my office. Though, this time thoughts are converted into chats on phone or receiving and sending messages to friends.

And there are some fixed friends whom I call on daily basis when I am commuting. Because my timings are odd. 7,8,9,till 12 or so...and I can take liberties with only a few friends.
Well mosy of my friends are in Delhi.....(and I miss Delhi...... )We gossip, make fun of each other, bitch about our bosses..blah blah blah

Anyway, this post was just to break the morning blues at work after 2 holidays.


Oscars Smiling and So are we :)

What a day for Indian cinema !

I remember writing a post on Slumdog Millionaire last month when I had watched this movie and prayed that it won as many accolades as possible and yes Oscars as well.

This movie created history at different levels.

And I am using the word "Indian" Cinema because I strongly believe that this movie is truly an Indian movie. The music is Indian. The actors are Indian. The story is Indian. The spirit is Indian.

And Danny Boyle has done a great job in capturing the elements of India, good and bad both. Its a piece of art. Rest is all there to stay.

Yesterday, I watched the 81st Academy Awards Live and as Slumdog Millionaire kept on with its winning streak my heart knew no bounds.

Its Oscars...its "something":)

Something like this 20-20 match final when India defeated Pakistan and became the world champs....

And when A R Rahman was awarded for the best musical score and song....it was a moment of pride and joy.

I am sure every Indian would have felt the same happiness as Pookutty and Gulzaar Saab were part of this victorious day.

One should have seen the excitement on the faces of the entire crew of Slumdog....as they walked on the Red Carpet.

And did Freida Pinto steal the attention? Yes she did indeed with all in blue..

And the kids....they looked amazing basking in the glory of the movie at Los Angeles.

The "Jai Ho" performance was mesmerising to the core. It was unforgettable.

And how can one forget the "Smile Pinki' documentary (short film) which grabbed another Oscar, the little kid would have never imagined the outcome would be such grand. Its sad that this film in India was not given any recognition or any exposure...

Anyway, its a day to celebrate....Congrats to all:)

Feb 20, 2009

Habitually Yours ..:)

Habits are funny things.....an everyday association with certain cliched activities.

When I think of my habits, I find they have a pattern like I most of the time sleep on particular side of my bed (left) and when I wake up and the first thing I look at, is God's photo in my room.

Anyway, this goes for other things as well like picking up the dress on each day.. I have this weird sense in me that cottons look best on me and nothing can beat that fabric.

When it comes to dining out, I know that there's nothing that I plan way before entering the restaurant like what's gonna be on my pallette, it depends on mood and people I am going out with. But yes, Italian is my fav. after Indian cusine.

Okkkk..another habit of mine is I keep moving my finger in my hair when I talk on phone....

And another irritating thing that I do, is I hum songs till the other person is bored to death:)

And I always watch my clock when i reach office and take this utmost pleasure when i am the first to reach.....

I have another stupid habit of licking chocolate with fingers ...of course when there is no one to share it with me....ooooohh they r so yummmy...I can go on and on with it....

And then there is this habit of having a separate bookmark for every book that I have read or reading!

So, I end this post with this question, and it takes a reasoning also "we make our habits or our habits make us?"

It Happened One Night

It happened one night....the classic movie clicks immediately to our minds when we read this...but in my case nothing romantic about it!

I am never ever going to forget the horrid night of 17th February 2009.

It was 1 am and I was returning from office with my colleague on his bike. On the way, this particular street which is called as "Hollywood" for all the wrong reasons, over there, some 5-6 dogs started barking at us and encircled us in gangs.

I was scared to death. The street was deserted and out of nowhere the dogs followed us. We stopped for a moment to calm them down but they became even more aggressive and ultimately it led to one of my topsy-turvy moments of life!

One of those dogs just pounced on my leg (actually, above ankle) and I struggled hard to drift it away...counter-aggression did not help as shock had already gripped me.

Somehow, my colleague managed to make a way and at full speed we ran away from the scene.
Those hounds kept chasing us and after some moments were gone, I breathed a sigh of relief when I could no longer hear their barks...Bow Woo..Bow woo...and believe me there is nothing cute in this noise at night!

Finally, I landed up at home and went to the doctor ...got injections...and this dose will be complete in April!

The next day I had an official trip to Surat which eventually got cancelled because of this sorry state of mine...How much I had wanted to be a part of this, anyway will have more chances soon...Was at home for 2 days...Back to routine stuff

Even now when I think of that night it sends jitters in my body.....

p.s. - street dog menace is a matter of social concern....Are Municipal Corporation Officials listening???

Feb 14, 2009

Valentine's Day - LOVE & ALL THE JAZZ!

Aaj hai Valentines Day...!!! Ok then?

People who are in love donot need this special day to proclaim their love for each other...that's what I feel!

Love flows like air. Sometimes its like a breeze, sometimes its a strong wind and sometimes its a twister:) Love can be compared to nothing but love itself!

Its maddening! Its beautiful.

I think ideal love in "classical" terms is - Women live for it & Men die for it.


On my way to office, when I was passing through the University Roadm I saw all teen hearts exchanging love on streets and campus...with heart - shaped baloons and all smiles.

Today, florists and gift shops have a blast. "For someone special" cards and chocolates and perfumes are all rolled into display.

Creativity has lost its value I guess, when it come to being romantic or what? No no..I think its an over hyped thing. Or is it just coz we are leading a life which is too robotic and "having fun" reflects hanging out with your partner in a lounge or going for a drive???

Come on, Love is to be cherished even in times of recession;)

And hey, here I just received a SMS from a very very dear friend of mine. It goes like this-

For those who have their partner with them on this 14th Feb...Happy Valentines Day


those who are still single, Happy Independence Day..!!!

Hmmmm..Long live sarcasm:)....

and to all love birds out there...Keep loving truly!

Feb 12, 2009

YaNkEe DoOdLe WeNt To ToWn..Riding on a ?

Me a Yankee Doodle???......Yeah.....though I never rode on a pony...except when I was thrilled to see a horse in Abu when I was 16/17.

But I am not literally talking about Yankees or Ponies or nursery rhymes.....just joining some events to the most "learnt by heart" line in the kindergarten:)

Last year, this month, I was packing bags for Mumbai. This year, this month, I am in Ahmedabad.
After initial whining over things like Huh! am not gonna stay here for long...Damn I am back to this city..anyway..Over the couple of months I have realised that after all its not that cribbing sort of a thing to do for long.
It was like a transition phase. One doesnot accept what is given. Then one resents it. Then drags the situation. Then gets used to it. Eventually accept it.
However, in my case I thought it would go the same way. To my astonishment....I am happy about the fact that I have moved back to Ahmedabad. Not that my "I am Mumbai kind of girl" theory lost its weight..its still there.
The difference is that I have realised I was longing for a movement. If not Ahmedabad, this new place would have been say, Bangalore or Pune or Delhi or any Indian city..I would have ventured into it. Though my parents were not in favour of me going to a different city for a record third time :) and I had to keep my rebellious soul on a hold!

Though Ahmedabad is not new to me..I am still not familiar with it completely.
So a new job is a challenge and a good reason to keep busy with!
I have had several funny moments during late nights at work place and editing movies at studios.. and the mad rush continues to go on:)

After a long time I have got back to my reading habit.Reading "You are here" by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan.Nice one! Do go thru it readers:)

To end with...a dose to my soul (rebel has taken a back seat..its free spirit these days) -
"You always find things in the last place you look ... unless you're stunned enough to keep looking after you find them.....

this doesnot mean any thing inspirational..just love its tone :).....cya!!

Feb 10, 2009

A Visual Treat

Some of the greatest movie posters of all times...

Feb 2, 2009

Laws of Attraction...yes:)

A question to all readers. Have you ever felt this way?

When you want something desperately to happen and keep on thinking about it for long, it happens!

Right now I am in my office and this thought has entered my mind -

"what are laws of attraction?"

My project has come to an end. And I am about to start a new project which means that this gap is somewhat a lull which has put my wandering mind into posting over here....

I am a little lazy..I know that but I have seen my sincere and hardworking side as well. But that's what my work demands from me. So, what do we want from our life? In common terms - a good job, nice home, money to buy things, smooth relationships, and mental peace. But they are not necessarily in the same order.It varies from person to person.

Anyway, I was reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. And though I am not inclined towards self-help books, this one was something for real.

This didnot tell me what to do and what not to do instead it left me with drawing my own conclusions.

I have extracted some paragraphs from the book which sums up everything.

The Great Secret of Life is the law of attraction.
• The law of attraction says like attracts like, so when you think a
thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you.
• Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency. As you think
thoughts, they are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically
attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent
out returns to the source—you.
• You are like a human transmission tower, transmitting a frequency
with your thoughts. If you want to change anything in your life,
change the frequency by changing your thoughts.
• Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think
about the most or focus on the most will appear as your life.
• Your thoughts become things.

Marci Shimoff shared a wonderful quote from the great Albert
Einstein: "The most important question any human being can ask themselves is, 'Is this a friendly Universe?'"
Knowing the law of attraction, the only answer to give is, "Yes,
the Universe is friendly." Why? Because when you answer in this way, by the law of attraction you must experience that. Albert Einstein posed this powerful question because he knew The Secret.
He knew by asking the question it would force us to think and
make a choice. He gave us a great opportunity, just by posing the
To take Einstein's intention even further, you can affirm and proclaim, "This is a magnificent Universe. The Universe is bringing all good things to me. The Universe is conspiring for me in all things.
The Universe is supporting me in everything I do. The Universe meets all my needs immediately." Know that this is a friendly Universe!