Feb 26, 2009

Make me rude :(

Stupid stupid me..:)

Oh I can never be rude to anybody...damn me...I was supposed to be annoyed with this person in my office and lo..when the moment came , I said all that I wanted to say in the most polite manner..
This was my one chance to show my aggression on this friendly-help-you type of guy. And the situation slipped from my hand..now I see myself amused and a little angry on myself..

All these brilliant words that I had saved for this particular occasion in my mind....never came on my lips...aaaah it hurts..


Ashutosh Didwania said...

I can so very much relate to you on this one...at times even i literally plan speeches to be delivered to someone I don't get along with..but when the moment arrives..somehow it all gets a bit too unimportant or worse still over-aggressive.. but hey isn't it gud that you have the natural ability of being soft polite..aggression n all is fine but at the end of the day ppl who are inherently polite are truly likeable..

Vanya said...

hi..i know what u saying but sometimes its so over the top that it feels like saying the unsaid..but anyway, thanks for ur supportive comments...

enjoy life:)