Feb 20, 2009

It Happened One Night

It happened one night....the classic movie clicks immediately to our minds when we read this...but in my case nothing romantic about it!

I am never ever going to forget the horrid night of 17th February 2009.

It was 1 am and I was returning from office with my colleague on his bike. On the way, this particular street which is called as "Hollywood" for all the wrong reasons, over there, some 5-6 dogs started barking at us and encircled us in gangs.

I was scared to death. The street was deserted and out of nowhere the dogs followed us. We stopped for a moment to calm them down but they became even more aggressive and ultimately it led to one of my topsy-turvy moments of life!

One of those dogs just pounced on my leg (actually, above ankle) and I struggled hard to drift it away...counter-aggression did not help as shock had already gripped me.

Somehow, my colleague managed to make a way and at full speed we ran away from the scene.
Those hounds kept chasing us and after some moments were gone, I breathed a sigh of relief when I could no longer hear their barks...Bow Woo..Bow woo...and believe me there is nothing cute in this noise at night!

Finally, I landed up at home and went to the doctor ...got injections...and this dose will be complete in April!

The next day I had an official trip to Surat which eventually got cancelled because of this sorry state of mine...How much I had wanted to be a part of this, anyway will have more chances soon...Was at home for 2 days...Back to routine stuff

Even now when I think of that night it sends jitters in my body.....

p.s. - street dog menace is a matter of social concern....Are Municipal Corporation Officials listening???

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Ashutosh Didwania said...

Now let me give u some imaginary jitters..for a moment imagine that you are walking down the lanes of a deserted street n all of a sudden you are confronted by a huge gang of dogs..you are stuck right in between with hounds having encircled you..the anger of being cursed by the society is clearly reflecting in their eyes...their growl depicts how much they are hurt by consistent ignorance...n they just want to take it out on someone from the civil community..Would that be you? Just imagineeeeee...

P.S.: Did this scare you???