Feb 23, 2009

Breaking the Lull

I have realised that my best of thoughts hit me when I am in auto going to office and getting back from office. It is the only time when I am really indifferent from the world. I see strange faces, same buildings, same streets everyday, the same traffic signals.
It is so damn monotonous that sometimes I am amused by non-existence of change.

I leave at 9:10 am and the morning air refreshes me like anything. We don't know what non-polluted air smells like but what ever I inhale is pleasant.

And then for those 15 mts I am totally into myself. I think about various possibilities and situations, imaginary yet real in context with virtually anything.

The same happens when I leave my office. Though, this time thoughts are converted into chats on phone or receiving and sending messages to friends.

And there are some fixed friends whom I call on daily basis when I am commuting. Because my timings are odd. 7,8,9,till 12 or so...and I can take liberties with only a few friends.
Well mosy of my friends are in Delhi.....(and I miss Delhi...... )We gossip, make fun of each other, bitch about our bosses..blah blah blah

Anyway, this post was just to break the morning blues at work after 2 holidays.


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