Feb 12, 2009

YaNkEe DoOdLe WeNt To ToWn..Riding on a ?

Me a Yankee Doodle???......Yeah.....though I never rode on a pony...except when I was thrilled to see a horse in Abu when I was 16/17.

But I am not literally talking about Yankees or Ponies or nursery rhymes.....just joining some events to the most "learnt by heart" line in the kindergarten:)

Last year, this month, I was packing bags for Mumbai. This year, this month, I am in Ahmedabad.
After initial whining over things like Huh! am not gonna stay here for long...Damn I am back to this city..anyway..Over the couple of months I have realised that after all its not that cribbing sort of a thing to do for long.
It was like a transition phase. One doesnot accept what is given. Then one resents it. Then drags the situation. Then gets used to it. Eventually accept it.
However, in my case I thought it would go the same way. To my astonishment....I am happy about the fact that I have moved back to Ahmedabad. Not that my "I am Mumbai kind of girl" theory lost its weight..its still there.
The difference is that I have realised I was longing for a movement. If not Ahmedabad, this new place would have been say, Bangalore or Pune or Delhi or any Indian city..I would have ventured into it. Though my parents were not in favour of me going to a different city for a record third time :) and I had to keep my rebellious soul on a hold!

Though Ahmedabad is not new to me..I am still not familiar with it completely.
So a new job is a challenge and a good reason to keep busy with!
I have had several funny moments during late nights at work place and editing movies at studios.. and the mad rush continues to go on:)

After a long time I have got back to my reading habit.Reading "You are here" by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan.Nice one! Do go thru it readers:)

To end with...a dose to my soul (rebel has taken a back seat..its free spirit these days) -
"You always find things in the last place you look ... unless you're stunned enough to keep looking after you find them.....

this doesnot mean any thing inspirational..just love its tone :).....cya!!

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