Feb 23, 2009

Oscars Smiling and So are we :)

What a day for Indian cinema !

I remember writing a post on Slumdog Millionaire last month when I had watched this movie and prayed that it won as many accolades as possible and yes Oscars as well.

This movie created history at different levels.

And I am using the word "Indian" Cinema because I strongly believe that this movie is truly an Indian movie. The music is Indian. The actors are Indian. The story is Indian. The spirit is Indian.

And Danny Boyle has done a great job in capturing the elements of India, good and bad both. Its a piece of art. Rest is all there to stay.

Yesterday, I watched the 81st Academy Awards Live and as Slumdog Millionaire kept on with its winning streak my heart knew no bounds.

Its Oscars...its "something":)

Something like this 20-20 match final when India defeated Pakistan and became the world champs....

And when A R Rahman was awarded for the best musical score and song....it was a moment of pride and joy.

I am sure every Indian would have felt the same happiness as Pookutty and Gulzaar Saab were part of this victorious day.

One should have seen the excitement on the faces of the entire crew of Slumdog....as they walked on the Red Carpet.

And did Freida Pinto steal the attention? Yes she did indeed with all in blue..

And the kids....they looked amazing basking in the glory of the movie at Los Angeles.

The "Jai Ho" performance was mesmerising to the core. It was unforgettable.

And how can one forget the "Smile Pinki' documentary (short film) which grabbed another Oscar, the little kid would have never imagined the outcome would be such grand. Its sad that this film in India was not given any recognition or any exposure...

Anyway, its a day to celebrate....Congrats to all:)

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