Dec 24, 2008


Merry Christmas to all :)

Dec 19, 2008

Lessons Learnt in 2008

A time to bid farewell to 2008.....
it has been a memorable year for me in a surprisingly, amazingly, wonderfully, beautifully........ a different year than the rest of them.
Well, with so many adjectives above, it has been a rock and roll year definitely
tooo much rock and tooo much roll....heheeeheeeee:)

2008 was just like this pic..if you are reading this blog please look at it....a clear sky with some clouds....
so was my state...too many doubts and a clear conscience....

and I hope 2009 is merrier for me :)

And there are lessons which I have learnt in this year, both in personal & professional life....
keep scrolling......


lesson no. 1
I will not have any preconceived ideas about anything. I was bound to expect totally different thing than what I had assumed.
lesson no. 2
Blogging is a wonderful gift I have given myself.
lesson no. 3
Brushing teeth twice in a day is worth something.
lesson no. 4
Home made food is 100 times better than outside food.
lesson no. 5
Life goes on and we should always keep up the hope and passion alive in the heart.
lesson no. 6
There are some people who are equally stubborn as I am and I can't help it.Period.
lesson no. 7
There is no need to be "too polite" & "politically correct" all the time.
lesson no. 8
Don't be over -emotional.
lesson no. 9
Keep in touch with old friends.
lesson no. 10
Indulge less into gossip.

And this is how I end this post.............

Working Girl - Part 2 - The fun begins!

What is better? No, actually what is better than the best?
I am seeing a pattern here come every post of mine has questions...I keep on putting a question ahead of me and somehow figure out the answer myself in the process
Well this is a revelation.....I know what is appropriate and proper and to some extent I am not allowing myself to be swayed by emotions..just being true and honest with myself is not that difficult

When I wake up in the morning and look myself in the mirror, I see the confident "me"...wanting to learn and keep myself happy and others too!
I have reduced complaining, whining about things beyond my control!

This has much to do with my mind being occupied at other things
Anyway, my work is keeping me busy and I am liking the fact that most of the time I spend in the office or out of office...I am enjoying every bit of it...
And this is not the "new-new" enthusiasm that crops and grows,because of the new job, I think it is because this is coming from within..the same spirited girl I was before

I feel like giving my most at work...I am not slogging not tiring myself up....I am just feeling good...these days....

I have found out that preconceived notions are often always happens the other way!
Everything happens for the best.....
And sometimes we have to leave certain things on fate :) :) :)

Dec 13, 2008

What is Next?

Ever wondered what is next? Naaaah I am not talking about Samsung ad or even Aamir Khan who, by the way, happens to be my all time fav actor!

Well, what is next? This question struck me as I was looking out of my balcony and saw pigeons making this funny noise on the bar...they make funny noises:)

Anyway, this post of mine is somewhere related to a post I had written some days back and left incomplete.

Unpredictable things, uncertainties, sudden change in situations....everything is so damn unbelievable :)
Imagine if we knew what's gonna happen next day or day after tommorow or a year later? Well it sounds so boring and mundane because the element of surprise goes into an ebb.

Events, good or bad all are destined to happen to each of us.
We watch them happening in our lives, happening in the lives of our friends...we celebrate, we whine, we smile, we cry, we get scared, we get angry, we get peace, we get anxiety, we get every emotion running down in our blood when unknown events cross our lives through unknown moments....

Magical Moments...aren't they?

It is the beauty of the unknown that makes life worth living. These moments later become beautiful memories....

So, for me what is next.....something wonderful!!!

Dec 10, 2008

Working Girl - Part 1-The hunt is over

OOOOH.....A great feeling again....and that is because I am working again.

Well no more sleepless nights gazing at the ceiling thinking about the future.....I have become the same sane person I was some time back.

And these days when I was at home, I picked up a new hobby ...blogging and yeah! I am doing pretty good with this one.

Its a nice feeling altogether to be insync with the world now.

Everything that killed me earlier from within doesnot affect me much, I no no

it does affect me somewhere....phew:(

Anyway, its my first week at workplace and I am happy with the fact that I am enjoying my work and being appreciated for my efforts. It is more nice bcoz I am doing the work that I love to do.....

I just need to do the right thing in the right way and at the right time....and then ofcourse, God and my parents' blessings are there.

Gosh...its one can understand this.......up there Who is taking care of me...Thanx for every lesson I had and for coming ones also...

today its just mmmmmuuaaahhhh to myself :)

Dec 4, 2008

Action Needed -The stakes are too high!

In my lifetime, I have never seen anything of this kind.

Yesterday, not only Mumbai but many metros saw unprecedented gathering of people in protest against terrorism. The people were mostly youth, middle-aged, and even school going kids.This shows that everyone has been affected by this brutal massacre that has been labelled as India's 9/11. It was a noble gesture of solidarity for the victims in Mumbai terror attack.

Citizens coming out on streets is something that we don't see happening everyday. This represents the awakening of Indians, particularly residing in urban locales. The anger, the grief, the plight... every sentiment the public exhibited was not a mere representation of one terror strike. It was a compiled, a store of emotions that echoes stories of numerous terrorist acts India has borne.

Many families have lost their dear and near ones, soldiers have sacrificed their lives, and still we have just watched everything as silent spectators.One incident and thanks to media circle, we the people of India have come together for the first time.

We have realised that these politicians whom we elect as our representatives are more eager to fill in their pockets, satisfying their vested interests and safeguard their future.Do they even bother to check whether country's security is safeguarded or not? NSG officers and Defence offiicials at junior level don't get hikes in salries. They save our lives at border. What do they get in return?

Be it any political party who has been in centre, can it claim that it has been even 10% successful in preventing terror strikes in India....No.
India needs a strong leadership. A leader who can control the local politics...who can unite the regional politics and has a vision beyond votes and running a span of 5 years. I am indeed living a Utopian dream because such a leader is hard to find in current Indian Political drama.

What a shame and what a mockery of democracy! And the major fault is with the aam janta who brings them into power. Truly, now I realise how this system is malfunctioning.

The anger of public is justified because the revenues Government is earning is through taxes which directly goes from the hard earned money of every working Indian. Don't they deserve to life a safe life? Or we should habituate a life of helplessness and ever growing fear?
We don't feel something has happened until someone close to us suffers.But this time the nail has hit the heart for the first time. Its good in a way that we have become united. I just hope we don't lose this spirit.

There has been enough of blame-game politics. Frankly speaking, I give a damn about it. Too much of words have been said. Now some action needs to be taken.

We are dealing with terrorist groups who are sophisticated in arms and weaponry. They can't be taken lightly and forgotten in the wake of events.

Diplomatically India needs to take Pakistan into courtroom. War is definitely not a peaceful answer. But evidences have time and time again have proved the role of our neighbouring nation that it provides land to train these fanatics.

Dawood Ibrahim, most wanted in the list of Indian targets is also hiding somewhere over there. Taliban camps, Al Qaeda, LET, Hizbul and Co. and other militant camps all were evolved in madarassas and people at very tender age were trained here.

Documents, Investigation reports, Confessions of captured terrorists all point fingers towards a link with Pakistan. And yet, how innocently Pak Govt. denies all these evidences.

All because the Pak Govt. is under constant threat from ISI and its Army.

International pressure is mounting on their heads....and if they don't want to get isolated from world, Pakistan needs to take a serious step against terrorism by cooperating with India. It is high time now.

All of us fed up of hearing about blasts taking place in X Y Z places....It was media coverage that looped around Taj and Oberoi that brought the whole thing into limelight otherwise when such nefarious acts happened in markets, malls, scientific institutes, temples, masjids and most importantly at the Parliament House, no one batted an eyelid. This time we were keeping an update of every single movement.

But we can't just sit and watch now. If Pakistan Govt. is still not taking any action against the terror camps in its territory then cease fire must be uplifted at the border. If war remains the only option then so be it. How many people have lost their lives. And those who died were not Hindus and Muslims they were humans. It is true that in such a case, innocent lives are claimed at both sides but something needs to be done immediately against such dastardly and cowardly acts. Or the vicious circle will never end.

Countries who are secretly funding Pakistan and helping it to build advanced weapons for brutal carnage should realise that terrorism is not limited to India, USA or Israel. Its a global nightmare and no country is safe because terror groups have planted their sites across the world. Their networking is far more superior and integrated. What is required is a well-developed and well-planned strategy that executes justice. Enough of talks and enough of diplomacy.

India needs justice. And the sooner the better.

Dec 3, 2008

What Connects People?

One should always follow the heart. I still think mind is sharp and manipulative and heart is strong and true.

My take on life is very simple. I believe that all the energy that is stored in universe is neither good nor bad. Its a neutral phenomenon.

We refer God with different names and religious identities and symbols but I feel God is one Divine Force present in every living being in this world.

There are waves that connect people to people or person to person.

How telepathy works? How can one feel something happening to a closed one living miles across?

Waves transcend energy.

Hmmmm....what am I leading this post to:)

For instance, I have observed that mostly people say good things about me.....ah not blowing my own trumpet but its true! So they think that I come across as a good ...cheerful and overall a nice person.

But more than my nature, its the vibes I send to them that makes everything good about it.

And the vibes I receive from others are similar in kind so it becomes a chain of waves leading to a good relationship and vice versa.

And this is same for everyone on this planet. Vibes decide or determine how we behave and how well we reciprocate feelings to others.

This might be warm or cold. This might be positive or negative. This might be anything depending on the mood or situation. I don't think anyone is permanently good or bad. We are all compelled to difficult times and happy times.

I don't know whether anyone reading this finds it logical or absurd but I think my theory of connecting people has got some base.

Are Nokia guys listening to this......why Nokia....arrre its a stupid joke...Nokia says...connecting people....does that ring bells?

Dec 2, 2008

Advertising @ its best - THE 90's ERA

Here is the list of my fav. ads-

cadbury chocolate.....a very old ad when i was in school....where a girl gets into the field and dances

raymonds ad ..... a man with cute lil puppies

dhara...jalebi ad...the kid in this ad was so cute

fevicol ad..... fevicol ka jod hai, tootega nahi..great comedy!

titan ad .....piano one

hamara bajaj... i still remember the lyrics...buland bharat ki buland tasveer....:)

pepsi ad....another oldie...featuring amir khan n aishwarya rai

complan ad...this ad featured shahid kapur and ayesha takia as kids who said "i am a complan boy. i am a complan girl".......the ad was good....i never liked the taste of complan....eeew...plain milk n sugar is the best...

lyril la la la la

onida ad....the devil with horns.....neighbour's envy.owner's pride!

mile sur mera tumhara....well this qualifies for social advertising, different in the must have cost a fortune to execute it during those days..nice presentation, nice music and the people who featured in it are all biggies!

Dec 1, 2008

Miss-interpret these signs - part 1

I have posted way too much of my thoughts in the last 2 months. So December begins on a different note.

What was running through their minds when they designed these signs:) right goes the other way!

would anyone dare to now!

Oh my God.....i have lost my track!

i want so many people to trespass this zone!

this guy reminds me of someone running from the site of The Evil Dead! what message they want to send!

i love the second one :)

definitely...what place is that!

The stuff that makes a DESI GIRL!


what makes a Desi Girl class apart from rest of the chicks around the world?

My views-

she is the girl-next-door who aims to make it big in life
she knows what she wants to be
she craves for the best and for this she puts in her best
she is friendly, opinionated, arrogant and sweet as well
she looks good, not necessarily in conventional bollywood way and she knows that's a crap

she is confident
she is intelligent and smart
she is confused about many things
she is vulnerable
she virtually lives on gossip
she wants her own space at times
she loves street food. she loves to eat in expensive hotels
she loves India. she wants to see the world
she is stylish

she is grounded with values
she loves to hang out with friends
she lies at times
she is always in search for true love
she plays pranks and is full of life
she is not innocent. she is just a kid at heart!
she is an attention seeker
she wants to do things she has not done before. loves to experiment

she is a feminist
she hates snobs and knows how to deal with them
she is no "Lara Croft" but she is definitely adventurous
she is an actress. she has many shades
she lives in her dreams
she is politically correct when needed
she can manipulate.

she is a rebel. she is as soft as an ice-cream
she smiles unexpectedly. she cries unexpectedly
she is a constant learner

DESI GIRL is just any Indian girl who tries to break the contradictions that life throws at her.