Dec 19, 2008

Working Girl - Part 2 - The fun begins!

What is better? No, actually what is better than the best?
I am seeing a pattern here come every post of mine has questions...I keep on putting a question ahead of me and somehow figure out the answer myself in the process
Well this is a revelation.....I know what is appropriate and proper and to some extent I am not allowing myself to be swayed by emotions..just being true and honest with myself is not that difficult

When I wake up in the morning and look myself in the mirror, I see the confident "me"...wanting to learn and keep myself happy and others too!
I have reduced complaining, whining about things beyond my control!

This has much to do with my mind being occupied at other things
Anyway, my work is keeping me busy and I am liking the fact that most of the time I spend in the office or out of office...I am enjoying every bit of it...
And this is not the "new-new" enthusiasm that crops and grows,because of the new job, I think it is because this is coming from within..the same spirited girl I was before

I feel like giving my most at work...I am not slogging not tiring myself up....I am just feeling good...these days....

I have found out that preconceived notions are often always happens the other way!
Everything happens for the best.....
And sometimes we have to leave certain things on fate :) :) :)

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