Dec 1, 2008

The stuff that makes a DESI GIRL!


what makes a Desi Girl class apart from rest of the chicks around the world?

My views-

she is the girl-next-door who aims to make it big in life
she knows what she wants to be
she craves for the best and for this she puts in her best
she is friendly, opinionated, arrogant and sweet as well
she looks good, not necessarily in conventional bollywood way and she knows that's a crap

she is confident
she is intelligent and smart
she is confused about many things
she is vulnerable
she virtually lives on gossip
she wants her own space at times
she loves street food. she loves to eat in expensive hotels
she loves India. she wants to see the world
she is stylish

she is grounded with values
she loves to hang out with friends
she lies at times
she is always in search for true love
she plays pranks and is full of life
she is not innocent. she is just a kid at heart!
she is an attention seeker
she wants to do things she has not done before. loves to experiment

she is a feminist
she hates snobs and knows how to deal with them
she is no "Lara Croft" but she is definitely adventurous
she is an actress. she has many shades
she lives in her dreams
she is politically correct when needed
she can manipulate.

she is a rebel. she is as soft as an ice-cream
she smiles unexpectedly. she cries unexpectedly
she is a constant learner

DESI GIRL is just any Indian girl who tries to break the contradictions that life throws at her.


Anonymous said...

And I will not talk about videsi girls. I learned about unimaginable sex culture since may 08 and that videsi woman-man family sex culture beats animals.

Everybody hears and see about gun-bomb terrorists, physical killers but nobody talks about moral terrorists, psychological killers.

Silent killers, more silent and deadly than HIV.

Vanya said... each his own!

Anonymous said...

I am deeply shocked. People on net support incest, ridicule me or ignore me. This animal or zopaDpaTTi incest culture is spreading only because western countries have money. Allthough evolution is going to kill children mentally in 2-3 decades, it will be too late. I have seen one such living case.

And you also commenting casually.

People shout about terrorists who kill children. But people are killing their children through homosexuality-incest-pedophilia and everybody is silent.

And this silent, deadly killer kills through pleasure. Combined with influence of powerful western countries, it is spreading slowly like HIV.

Sorry, you also turned out to be ... whatever. I will find real DESI girls(now moms), like those in my office. Bye.

Vanya said...

i understand ur concern.i realise whatever u suggested is also true. and i respect that.

i didnot mean to offend ur thoughts in anyway.i don't do that.

however my post reflects my thoughts on a different issue.
no hard feelings here.

Anonymous said...

This lady harpreet sahota...

At first glance, this blog seems normal issue. Mother expressing her love for her kids.

Now try to dig inside. Since last one month I am trying hard just for one sentence of condemnation of incest-pedophilia. But she said "everything is in our head and it depends on how we take things". Remember, she is surrounded by homosexual-incest-pedophilic canada.

Now is that blog just normal mother's love for son? Or is this scarlett mentally training her sons (young butler) in home and sex education to kids in school for future incest romance?

There are always some issues behind apparant issues.

Anyway, thanks. No hard feelings.