Dec 19, 2008

Lessons Learnt in 2008

A time to bid farewell to 2008.....
it has been a memorable year for me in a surprisingly, amazingly, wonderfully, beautifully........ a different year than the rest of them.
Well, with so many adjectives above, it has been a rock and roll year definitely
tooo much rock and tooo much roll....heheeeheeeee:)

2008 was just like this pic..if you are reading this blog please look at it....a clear sky with some clouds....
so was my state...too many doubts and a clear conscience....

and I hope 2009 is merrier for me :)

And there are lessons which I have learnt in this year, both in personal & professional life....
keep scrolling......


lesson no. 1
I will not have any preconceived ideas about anything. I was bound to expect totally different thing than what I had assumed.
lesson no. 2
Blogging is a wonderful gift I have given myself.
lesson no. 3
Brushing teeth twice in a day is worth something.
lesson no. 4
Home made food is 100 times better than outside food.
lesson no. 5
Life goes on and we should always keep up the hope and passion alive in the heart.
lesson no. 6
There are some people who are equally stubborn as I am and I can't help it.Period.
lesson no. 7
There is no need to be "too polite" & "politically correct" all the time.
lesson no. 8
Don't be over -emotional.
lesson no. 9
Keep in touch with old friends.
lesson no. 10
Indulge less into gossip.

And this is how I end this post.............


Xuggo said...

Hi Vanya,

Stumbled upon your blog by chance, but ended up staying for a bit.

I really enjoyed your lessons learnt...
It remembered me of a magnificent line from "sliding doors" w/ gwyneth paltrow and john hannah when he said "remember what the monty boys used do say: always look on the bright side of life"

Hope you have a ball in 2009!

By the way, you are an incredibly beautiful woman - if you don't mind me saying...

Best wishes!


Vanya said...


thanks for the wishes and the complement!

and i hope ur new year is wonderful:)

- vanya

Xuggo said...

Hi again,

Apparently I shamelessly lied to you, have to admit....
I happened to see "sliding doors" again last night and realized I had misquoted the (supposedly :D) magnificent line.

It was "cheer up, you know what the Monty boys used to say - nobody expects the spanish inquisition!"

Anyway, the moral to the story remains the same.... too bad my memory doesn't seem to... Lol

Best wishes!