Dec 2, 2008

Advertising @ its best - THE 90's ERA

Here is the list of my fav. ads-

cadbury chocolate.....a very old ad when i was in school....where a girl gets into the field and dances

raymonds ad ..... a man with cute lil puppies

dhara...jalebi ad...the kid in this ad was so cute

fevicol ad..... fevicol ka jod hai, tootega nahi..great comedy!

titan ad .....piano one

hamara bajaj... i still remember the lyrics...buland bharat ki buland tasveer....:)

pepsi ad....another oldie...featuring amir khan n aishwarya rai

complan ad...this ad featured shahid kapur and ayesha takia as kids who said "i am a complan boy. i am a complan girl".......the ad was good....i never liked the taste of complan....eeew...plain milk n sugar is the best...

lyril la la la la

onida ad....the devil with horns.....neighbour's envy.owner's pride!

mile sur mera tumhara....well this qualifies for social advertising, different in the must have cost a fortune to execute it during those days..nice presentation, nice music and the people who featured in it are all biggies!


Anonymous said...

1. Bharti telecom - hum akele nahi, saath koi apna hai (not watched since last 4-5 years).

2. Kinley water, boond boond mein vishvas - koi rang nahi, aakaar nahi, par jab tu hai koi fikr nahi

3. Savere savere, yaaro se milane, ban ThaN ke nikale hum(education ad for kids by govt).

4. BBC world - making sense of it all- Not everything you see in the news is instantly clear.

5. neo world - making sense of it all - not every holocaust is sensed by our five senses.

Vanya said...

yeah..thanx for suggesting some more of classics!