Dec 4, 2008

Action Needed -The stakes are too high!

In my lifetime, I have never seen anything of this kind.

Yesterday, not only Mumbai but many metros saw unprecedented gathering of people in protest against terrorism. The people were mostly youth, middle-aged, and even school going kids.This shows that everyone has been affected by this brutal massacre that has been labelled as India's 9/11. It was a noble gesture of solidarity for the victims in Mumbai terror attack.

Citizens coming out on streets is something that we don't see happening everyday. This represents the awakening of Indians, particularly residing in urban locales. The anger, the grief, the plight... every sentiment the public exhibited was not a mere representation of one terror strike. It was a compiled, a store of emotions that echoes stories of numerous terrorist acts India has borne.

Many families have lost their dear and near ones, soldiers have sacrificed their lives, and still we have just watched everything as silent spectators.One incident and thanks to media circle, we the people of India have come together for the first time.

We have realised that these politicians whom we elect as our representatives are more eager to fill in their pockets, satisfying their vested interests and safeguard their future.Do they even bother to check whether country's security is safeguarded or not? NSG officers and Defence offiicials at junior level don't get hikes in salries. They save our lives at border. What do they get in return?

Be it any political party who has been in centre, can it claim that it has been even 10% successful in preventing terror strikes in India....No.
India needs a strong leadership. A leader who can control the local politics...who can unite the regional politics and has a vision beyond votes and running a span of 5 years. I am indeed living a Utopian dream because such a leader is hard to find in current Indian Political drama.

What a shame and what a mockery of democracy! And the major fault is with the aam janta who brings them into power. Truly, now I realise how this system is malfunctioning.

The anger of public is justified because the revenues Government is earning is through taxes which directly goes from the hard earned money of every working Indian. Don't they deserve to life a safe life? Or we should habituate a life of helplessness and ever growing fear?
We don't feel something has happened until someone close to us suffers.But this time the nail has hit the heart for the first time. Its good in a way that we have become united. I just hope we don't lose this spirit.

There has been enough of blame-game politics. Frankly speaking, I give a damn about it. Too much of words have been said. Now some action needs to be taken.

We are dealing with terrorist groups who are sophisticated in arms and weaponry. They can't be taken lightly and forgotten in the wake of events.

Diplomatically India needs to take Pakistan into courtroom. War is definitely not a peaceful answer. But evidences have time and time again have proved the role of our neighbouring nation that it provides land to train these fanatics.

Dawood Ibrahim, most wanted in the list of Indian targets is also hiding somewhere over there. Taliban camps, Al Qaeda, LET, Hizbul and Co. and other militant camps all were evolved in madarassas and people at very tender age were trained here.

Documents, Investigation reports, Confessions of captured terrorists all point fingers towards a link with Pakistan. And yet, how innocently Pak Govt. denies all these evidences.

All because the Pak Govt. is under constant threat from ISI and its Army.

International pressure is mounting on their heads....and if they don't want to get isolated from world, Pakistan needs to take a serious step against terrorism by cooperating with India. It is high time now.

All of us fed up of hearing about blasts taking place in X Y Z places....It was media coverage that looped around Taj and Oberoi that brought the whole thing into limelight otherwise when such nefarious acts happened in markets, malls, scientific institutes, temples, masjids and most importantly at the Parliament House, no one batted an eyelid. This time we were keeping an update of every single movement.

But we can't just sit and watch now. If Pakistan Govt. is still not taking any action against the terror camps in its territory then cease fire must be uplifted at the border. If war remains the only option then so be it. How many people have lost their lives. And those who died were not Hindus and Muslims they were humans. It is true that in such a case, innocent lives are claimed at both sides but something needs to be done immediately against such dastardly and cowardly acts. Or the vicious circle will never end.

Countries who are secretly funding Pakistan and helping it to build advanced weapons for brutal carnage should realise that terrorism is not limited to India, USA or Israel. Its a global nightmare and no country is safe because terror groups have planted their sites across the world. Their networking is far more superior and integrated. What is required is a well-developed and well-planned strategy that executes justice. Enough of talks and enough of diplomacy.

India needs justice. And the sooner the better.

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