Dec 10, 2008

Working Girl - Part 1-The hunt is over

OOOOH.....A great feeling again....and that is because I am working again.

Well no more sleepless nights gazing at the ceiling thinking about the future.....I have become the same sane person I was some time back.

And these days when I was at home, I picked up a new hobby ...blogging and yeah! I am doing pretty good with this one.

Its a nice feeling altogether to be insync with the world now.

Everything that killed me earlier from within doesnot affect me much, I no no

it does affect me somewhere....phew:(

Anyway, its my first week at workplace and I am happy with the fact that I am enjoying my work and being appreciated for my efforts. It is more nice bcoz I am doing the work that I love to do.....

I just need to do the right thing in the right way and at the right time....and then ofcourse, God and my parents' blessings are there.

Gosh...its one can understand this.......up there Who is taking care of me...Thanx for every lesson I had and for coming ones also...

today its just mmmmmuuaaahhhh to myself :)

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