Feb 27, 2010

Working on Holi-Day!

Wish you all a very happy Holi :)

I am working on sunday and monday because some urgent work has come up.
Wanted to see Karthik calling Karthik.
As usual, my movie plan has gone topsy-turvy.

Feb 12, 2010

L'amour est dans l'air :)

How does one evolve in a relationship?

It's a beautiful journey - amazing, unpredictable and every bit adventurous!

The joy of saying the unsaid, feeling the never felt before emotions is too mesmerizing.

The agony, the impatience has its own flavor.

There is joy in waiting too!


I had no idea that 19th February 2010 will be one of the most special days of my life.
All the reasons to be on cloud 9..wowiee!