Nov 28, 2009

Bureaucracy - The Great Indian Tamasha

We live in a world where "freedom" this word is so misused and over used.

There was a time when freedom was the most sought after concept, it was a belief, a reason to live for and die for.....our revolutionaries and freedom fighters laid down their lives for the service of their set her free from the shackles of British Raj.

After 63 years of independence, "freedom", has been reduced to a mere term. A term which is synonymous to doing anything with a free license!

It is the same old story. We are making an ad for a PSU...which has following connotations:

a. this ad will be entirely different from what we have proposed

b. this ad will be sent to media 15 minutes after the deadline gets over

c. this ad will undergo many cosmetic changes

d. whatever amount of heart and soul we put for this one page color ad, people are not going to read it beyond the headline.

e. this ad will only be seen next time when similar PSU will come up with a similar activity

Anyway, this is bound to happen. What a sorry state of affair!

It is not that I criticize this eventual's just that it hurts to see how the spirit of free writing is curbed to an extent when a copywriter is told to change the entire thing with no justification except this lame phrase - this is not acceptable...Please someone tell these bureaucrats that what is acceptable to them is totally unacceptable to all of us.

We send them the ad and we wait for hours to get an OK. Because this OK comes from several routes, several WOM happens and the message is twisted to an extent that it looks like a banner and not an ad anymore!

I am not condemning anyone, nor do I want to label anyone in particular...but when we need fast and quick actions, these people crawl under their seats. It is our job to see how creative and well written and appropriate text is flowing with correct visuals etc.

Again correct is a relative term as our definition hardly matches with their. IAS officers andother senior level officials all knowledgeable and capable enough to understand the nitty-gritty of the matter....

But even these people are not to be blamed. It is their way of "corporate-aspirational-living"!
Decisions need to be quick, fast and without two minds. Only then results can be obtained. Otherwise time just blows off under our nose and we keep staring blank faces.

Today is just a similar day. We are waiting for an approval from a very top notch person in Government. Sounds so exclusive....but believe me all that shine does not glitter!


I am posting a blog on my PC and holding a pen and a paper and a phone by my side, ironical isn't it?

Nov 4, 2009


What is love - to give or to receive?

Both, it is mutual. To love and to be loved is the most beautiful feeling.