Apr 6, 2011

Hustle Bustle

I spoke with Jazz after many months. It was a good long chat as usual. We talked about Delhi, the swiss days, the friends and what's happening in their lives.

It's so nice to talk about old days....though we can not bring them back...and there is no need because present is wonderful and future is yet to unfold! Anyway, the best part about talking with Jazz is, I feel the same old self like I was a few years back.

Ever wondered that why we talk differently with different sets of people...mainly because we have different wavelengths and it's hard to catch up with moods.

So, what's happening with my friends...
Jazz got a new job and he is happy. So am I for him.
Nid is on the verge of the greatest opportunity of her life. She is excited. So am I for her :)
Nix got out of an odd situation and hopefully getting into a fresh start.
Rush Gurl just had a vacation. She would be in a state of hangover :)