Jan 28, 2010

One of those boring times

I am still in my office. Long day..huh! 4 cups of coffee in last 3 hours...bad!

Jan 17, 2010




Carrots - 4 medium

Tomatoes - 6 medium

Celery chopped - 1/2 stalked

Salt - to taste

Ice cubes - as required

Lemon juice - 2 tablespoons


Cut carrots into one-inch cubes and tomatoes into quarters and freeze them for some time.

Put the frozen tomato cubes in a blender and blend.

Add frozen carrot cubes and blend again.

Add celery pieces, salt and pepper powder and blend again.

Add ice cubes, freshly extracted lemon juice and blend again.

Serve chilled in a stemmed glass.


Jan 11, 2010

A Reality Check

I have no sleep in my eyes.

I got back from Mumbai after a long film shoot...tiring and every bit entertaining!

A thought has entered into my mind as I am watching this MTV VJ hunt auditions and I can see the whole "youngistaan" junta going nuts on just sharing a screen with Nikhil & Cyrus(both ones).

Splitsvilla -3 has a new tagline this time "the world war 3 of love" . Cmon, gimme a break... the previous 2 seasons were not world wars of anything, leave love alone!

Anyway, there is this whole segment of reality based shows flooding the idiot box. And they come in all formats -nothing official about it, actually!

There is this show that allows people to go back to their previous lives and lets them identify their past, what connection it holds with their present. So far so good....

Finally Rakhi's sawyamwar is over and so is the mama-papa saga :) wow that one was indeed an icing on the cake (pun intended) seeing rakhi in all shades once again after the mega bigg boss season 1!

And yeah, the channel is promoting heavily on country' so called eligible bachelor ...not Rahul Gandhi, another Rahul.....Rahul Mahajan. His swayamwar. Amazing isn't it that in a nation where almost every day so many girls lose their lives coz of dowry or physical abuse, we have pots and pots of money to showcase how a rich man gets married and how a glam doll finds a suitable boy for herself with no certain future...

so, this is not that weird coz, there is another reality show happening in political circle too. The centerstage is Parliament House, where a very senior politician's scandalous story is getting flashed...

and then there is another situation. India wins the series against Sri Lanka and there is a dent in the Kotla pitch :) Ouch.

Smile when you watch 3 idiots, its a fabulous film, no doubt. Smile even more when you seeV V Chopra screeching at a media person in press conference.


So, am sleepy now. Feels good to write my first blog in 2010 :)