Dec 13, 2008

What is Next?

Ever wondered what is next? Naaaah I am not talking about Samsung ad or even Aamir Khan who, by the way, happens to be my all time fav actor!

Well, what is next? This question struck me as I was looking out of my balcony and saw pigeons making this funny noise on the bar...they make funny noises:)

Anyway, this post of mine is somewhere related to a post I had written some days back and left incomplete.

Unpredictable things, uncertainties, sudden change in situations....everything is so damn unbelievable :)
Imagine if we knew what's gonna happen next day or day after tommorow or a year later? Well it sounds so boring and mundane because the element of surprise goes into an ebb.

Events, good or bad all are destined to happen to each of us.
We watch them happening in our lives, happening in the lives of our friends...we celebrate, we whine, we smile, we cry, we get scared, we get angry, we get peace, we get anxiety, we get every emotion running down in our blood when unknown events cross our lives through unknown moments....

Magical Moments...aren't they?

It is the beauty of the unknown that makes life worth living. These moments later become beautiful memories....

So, for me what is next.....something wonderful!!!

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