Dec 3, 2008

What Connects People?

One should always follow the heart. I still think mind is sharp and manipulative and heart is strong and true.

My take on life is very simple. I believe that all the energy that is stored in universe is neither good nor bad. Its a neutral phenomenon.

We refer God with different names and religious identities and symbols but I feel God is one Divine Force present in every living being in this world.

There are waves that connect people to people or person to person.

How telepathy works? How can one feel something happening to a closed one living miles across?

Waves transcend energy.

Hmmmm....what am I leading this post to:)

For instance, I have observed that mostly people say good things about me.....ah not blowing my own trumpet but its true! So they think that I come across as a good ...cheerful and overall a nice person.

But more than my nature, its the vibes I send to them that makes everything good about it.

And the vibes I receive from others are similar in kind so it becomes a chain of waves leading to a good relationship and vice versa.

And this is same for everyone on this planet. Vibes decide or determine how we behave and how well we reciprocate feelings to others.

This might be warm or cold. This might be positive or negative. This might be anything depending on the mood or situation. I don't think anyone is permanently good or bad. We are all compelled to difficult times and happy times.

I don't know whether anyone reading this finds it logical or absurd but I think my theory of connecting people has got some base.

Are Nokia guys listening to this......why Nokia....arrre its a stupid joke...Nokia says...connecting people....does that ring bells?

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