Feb 14, 2009

Valentine's Day - LOVE & ALL THE JAZZ!

Aaj hai Valentines Day...!!! Ok then?

People who are in love donot need this special day to proclaim their love for each other...that's what I feel!

Love flows like air. Sometimes its like a breeze, sometimes its a strong wind and sometimes its a twister:) Love can be compared to nothing but love itself!

Its maddening! Its beautiful.

I think ideal love in "classical" terms is - Women live for it & Men die for it.


On my way to office, when I was passing through the University Roadm I saw all teen hearts exchanging love on streets and campus...with heart - shaped baloons and all smiles.

Today, florists and gift shops have a blast. "For someone special" cards and chocolates and perfumes are all rolled into display.

Creativity has lost its value I guess, when it come to being romantic or what? No no..I think its an over hyped thing. Or is it just coz we are leading a life which is too robotic and "having fun" reflects hanging out with your partner in a lounge or going for a drive???

Come on, Love is to be cherished even in times of recession;)

And hey, here I just received a SMS from a very very dear friend of mine. It goes like this-

For those who have their partner with them on this 14th Feb...Happy Valentines Day


those who are still single, Happy Independence Day..!!!

Hmmmm..Long live sarcasm:)....

and to all love birds out there...Keep loving truly!


nids.....that's me said...

yup...that was a perfect sarcastic sms for all those who are single.

Mubasshir said...

Nice neat blog; loved the colours and template.

Vanya said...

to nids...

to mubasshir