Feb 1, 2011

What about the other Jessicas?

No one killed Jessica: this movie is special for many reasons.

First, I was watching it with Nix after a long gap...the first movie (with her) post my marriage and at our favorite multiplex. We have a long association with PVR, catching up after office hours and all the way gossiping about our respective bosses and clients...it was fun!! It brought up many old memories. Couldn’t help lmao thinking about that horrid day when all our “kewl” stuff was taken by that PVR lady at security!

Second, on a more serious note, it was a movie on the high- profile Jessica murder case. I watched it yesterday much after its actual release date. It was a beautiful film. One cannot relate “beautiful” with this case. But it turned out to be one because the actors essayed their roles superbly. Also, it was nice to see Rani Mukherjee in her determined avatar instead of watching her dance in chiffon saris around SRK! Sabrina’s character was neatly performed by Vidya. Although I presumed that the former was more resolute…I especially liked the police officer, the one person who did “the right thing”.

In the biggest democracy of the world, isn’t it ironical that justice is denied and hopes are demoralized. It happens very rare when media causes this much furor in the masses and masses turn up as a strong force. Justice was delayed but eventually the guilty was punished.

Throughout the movie, one could possibly feel the pain for the loss of a daughter, a sister and an innocent human being. It makes me wonder is there a price tag for a human being’s life? Unfortunately it has and will always be….Money corrupts. Power corrupts mores.

No one killed Jessica is not just a documentary or a movie, it highlights the alarming issue of women safety in our society. How media can intervene and do the just…how youth can actually contribute and actively participate in bringing about the change! This movie is not only an eye opener but also leaves behind many questions…

For instance,

What happens to those rural women who are brutally assaulted within their family?

Who comes ahead and seeks justice for the girl child still killed in many villages?

Why is our judiciary so rigid and slow that verdicts come after decades?

How does a criminal gets away with crime?

The answer lies in the bitter truth: money and muscle power are mightier in this age.

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