Aug 8, 2011

Episode 3 - Hyderabad

I have completed almost 9 months in Hyderabad and the time has passed like waves of the ocean. I still remember the exact moment when I and AH came together at our new house and transformed it into "our home".

How my jaw dropped when i just glanced at the lovely terrace!!so many dreams and so many aspirations. Can not forget the surprise element added by AH's friends for my welcome...And shall always remember the very first day of living together with AH, now my husband!
blush blush :)
Utterly romantic and just splendid...

The city of Hyderabad has given me so much in terms of warmth and happiness. The new friends that I have made, new places I have been to, new experiences I have had.....are too good to be true.

Amazing rains this season have fulfilled my long desire of going crazy under the sky, awesome food right from Biryani to Khubani ka meetha has given a strong competition to my very own Dhoklas/dabelis of Gujju land ..phew! If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then shine of Hyderabadi pearls belong to a lady :) just kidding...i love them both!

Traditionally, the city is rich and with the mind blowing tech revolution, one can easily make out the modern and cosmopolitan culture.

I and AH have travelled extensively in Maharashtra for couple of months, hence am eagerly awaiting for winters to come so that we delve deep into South India.

And yeah the proximity to Crossword has added glory to my book shelf :) just had some really nice books recently.....

With all this and more, I feel good about where I live :) And I know that there's lot more left to explore :)

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