Nov 28, 2008

26/11 - A SAD CHAPTER!

On 26th Nov. a national tragedy occurred.

Courtesy ....terrorists
Place ..their fav. Mumbai and
Venue - Taj and Oberoi hotels and a Jewish centre, Nariman House!

There is humongous grief and anger coiled up inside every Indian. To these militants, it is a matter of "pride" and victory.

They have chosen a new track, a new medium this time. They meticulously planned the events, equipped themselves well with ammunition and barged into the heart of our country. Merciless killings, firings and death of innocent lives.They have targeted Indians and foreigners. What a shame!

This is not new for India. We have witnessed terrorist activities in Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh...everywhere ...have they left any corner of our country?

Jammu & Kashmir is the biggest example of land being plundered and society being destroyed in terror movement.
In small cities and towns such incidents happen and we forget. But if something happens at a big scale in Mumbai or Delhi our eyes are wide open, suddenly we are glued to TV channels and keep on surfing it for the latest update.

And where the hell is Raj Thackray...isn't he anymore concerned of his dear Mumbai.
Where are Laloo Yadav, Mayawati and her brigade of politicians..Wow lips sealed not even once did they emerge on TV and expressed their views.
Terrorists are encouraged even more when they see political dis balance in our country.
After 9/11, in USA, the Democrats, Republicans all became one despite of their differences to stand against the situation.

There is nothing to blame. Its a fact. They are merely spectators and opportunists who crave for power and votes.

A terrorist activity in a village or in a metro is still the same. But the difference lies in proportion of loss and casualties. Media coverage plays a major role here monitoring every step.

And our Police force, NSG, Commandos are doing their jobs deftly. Our defence forces have shown immense courage and smartness in dealing with the fanatics. And we have lost some of the heroes in this battle. Every Indian should salute such martyrs.

This entire operation will end soon. But it will generate questions and issues on mammoth scale.
Security lapses, implications of this terror attack on Indian economy and trade, and relations with Pakistan will come to hold(pseudo-cold war will definitely start).

Something that has come as a positive from this episode is that at least now Indian security systems will be improved. They are smart people and well trained. They have money, power and strong backing from big terrorist groups across the globe. To wipe terrorism out is not easy but what is required is to be one step ahead of them.

Defencive approach is not going to lead anywhere. It is high time that our Government picks up offensive approach. Of course there are strategists and panels of security officers, but they come out only when terror struck Indians are made hostages or killed.

One needs a definite and absolute answer to some serious questions here.
When I watch news channels and see them flashing headlines anger and hurt simultaneously rise in me. No one can do anything sitting at home except hoping and praying.

Terrorists wanted to create a social and economic havoc. They wanted to send signals to international community as well and have well-tried so far.
Puncturing India's somewhat stable economy especially in times of recession, affecting Indian ties with west, were secondary goals.

And it is not the question of Hindu - Muslim over here. Many policemen and security personnel who went into the rescue mission were Hindus and Muslims. The people who were gunned down by militants were from different religions. Some were even foreign nationals.

Terrorism does not have a face, it does not have a religion. If it has anything then it is the aim - to spread terror and establish their dominance in the farce of religion( religious supremacy by calling it as an offering to God...what the hell! )

No religion in this world allows killing of another human being, so why would Islam!
Bloody losers!

It is the disillusioned youth that has been involved with worldwide terrorist organisations.They have been brain washed and bribed and overpowered with religious sentiments. And see the results! Pakistan one itself will pay for its acts.

Indian Government must send clear message that such heinous acts will not be tolerated anymore and immediate strong measures must be taken.
Russia has done it, America has done it. Israel has done it. When will India?
Better infrastructure, tight security and advanced technical safety measures must be developed and adopted to prevent nefarious incidents.

I just hope this terror attack, the biggest one in India teaches manifold lessons for the days to come and we don't forget it as any other black day!

May our Government finally take strict actions against terrorism and
May all terrorists rot in hell! Amen!


nids.....that's me said...

Its not only a sad chapter, but I will say, some people witnessed their whole life in these 59hrs. of terror.
Dead bodies, blood stains, harsh cryings, not even a movie maker could imagine such a horrified scene for its so called movies made on terror, terrorists, and terrorism.
A very hard courage is required to even stand on a place wher you have no clue of life. I salute to these BRAVE HEARTED SOLDIERS & MARTYRS who only and only thought of rescuing India and Indians, and not a "State" or any of "its" statesmen.
Where were those politicians who a few weeks ago were crying for their state, aamchi mumbai, hamara up, and all. They not even once came to witness the horror going a few kms. away from their residence, and there were are brave soldiers who without any food, water or rest were doing their jobs. Some lost their lives, not because they got killed by the terrorists, but they saved many from getting killed by terrorists.
Thanks vanyu, with ur 1 step I got this chance 2 express my views and salute the soldiers........JAI HIND!!!!

Vanya said...

hi nids

awesome reply...hard hitting!
let's see how situation changes from this point. we have to see in coming days whether it remains the same or some serious action takes place.
anyway, keep blogging :)

nids.....that's me said...

changes toh bas yahi hain..
1. politicians on high posts are on a shuffling mode.
2. PM has become Finance Minister, Finance Minister has become Home Minister.
3. Is this really going to change the scene.This is another terror.
4. Horrible.........
All we can do is...Let's Hope for the best.....