Nov 14, 2008

Say it right & Do it right....who am I fooling!

I am really putting it forward now. There are certain situations which become so huge out of nothing and they blow up everything a bubble made from soap water disappears in a fraction of second.

So, I am asking myself can we handle these situations or can we not? If we deal with them intelligently then its fine. But there are times when we just delay certain things ...we wait for things to happen on themselves as if someone is going to come and clear up everything!
And then finally we do what is appropriate...

It has been quite a while now, and, I have come to this point that it is always better to speak the truth at the right moment. Delay, waiting, procrastination just ruins everything.

My God....I make this post so complicated!
Just learnt - say what i want to say and do what i want to do. there is no good in bottling up things in mind....

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