Nov 13, 2008

It ain't over till I fill in the blanks

What is that ...

  • attracts me ...intelligence

  • excites me ....adventure sports

  • hurts me....indifference
  • gives me joy....Being in the company of people i love, trying out new dresses, eating, reading, dancing..more so in front of mirror, talking with some one who is not an unarmed opponent, surfing the net, cooking and blogging too!

  • one thing i want to have for fun.....a wall for graffiti & then see my creativity

  • one thing i want to have forever....a camera to click all that i want to!

  • one thing i would share with smile

  • one thing i would not share with diary( its shocking)

  • i respect....honesty

  • i wish i had in me....patience
  • i love about myself.....i am not modest....hehe.ok on a serious note, my belief in God

  • i hate about myself....laziness

  • i wanted to be when i was actress/ a teacher/ a robot!

  • i kill my time with...sleeping or daydreaming.

  • i want to visit....Greece, Egypt and our very own Taj Mahal..want to see why ppl go gaga abt it

  • one celebrity i would like to meet....Cyrus Brocha; he does not actually fit into celebs but still!
  • one word that describes me perfectly....friendly.(moody comes close to it!)

  • one character whose shades resemble mine - Scarlett O' Hara

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