Nov 9, 2008

Episode 1 - My Delhi Days

I am happy to see myself regularly devoting time for writing posts.

As a child, I remember having this fascination of doing something extraordinary..I still have that intense desire in me..thinking of situations where I will rise to the occasion and so on..its not shallow because it comes naturally to me...Today, I am writing about my stay at 2 places...New Delhi and Mumbai..

Both cities represent the modern India, the cosmopolitan culture and diverse gap between the visible and invisible. So, how these cities have brought in some changes in me and how I have developed an awe for certain qualities each place has in its own way is something very special to me .
Details are not necessary because memories can follow a sequence but here its the depth that matters....
There is something about these cities that allure me! can't define it...Maybe the political, or social importance or another reason which is very personal..but there is something that makes me nostalgic about it.

When I was studying in New Delhi for my Masters, (2005 -2007), I came across wide group of people who were totally strangers to me and later on became very good friends...a great camaraderie established with everyone during lectures, projects and after classes fun!

Those days were so different coz I found a new side to myself....where I could know and study myself, my abilities and my flaws..
I came across the good, the bad, and the ugly side of human nature.....
And maybe staying at home I could have just missed everything...
It was a tremendous learning experience because I wanted to to try out so many new things in my see so many new things, to realise the world beyond my room, my home...a strong wanting to explore myself...and the rest

Everyone has moved on in their lives leaving behind the happy memories..
I remember 14th September I celebrated my birthday with my 2 roommates..Pallavi and Jhuma......oooooh....How they had planned a surprise on 13th midnight.....I was ecstatic ...:)

And then my next bdy in 2006, at Pizza hut..where the entire gang was present....we did crazy things that day.....

We used to party whenver we could...which ever way we could without any reason....and laugh out loud till tears came out...Played games, Teased each other, Competed in eating food,Played cards and cheated and bursted out laughing looking how stupid we looked.

We started to learn Salsa and pratcised it and on what note we ended it..all with bollywood style latka-jhatkas.....
Learned French that time...that was one nice thing tha happened..
Movies whether good or bad were always welcomed....The Rang De Basanti Effect..what we did at India Gate at 2 am ......aah that was too hilarious.....and shopping.....for that we girls used to save money like anything...and once exams got over, like some one used to set us free.... used to spend it on accessories, t-shirts, etc etc..

We learnt Value for money over there big time:) Window shopping at South EX and GK....!

Then when we went for training program to Switzerland.. it was an amazing time of my life...It was like been there, done that kind of a thing:) only the other way round!
Late evening after lectures, how I and my friends crossed platforms at Geneva and ran after river Rhine see the mesmerising waterfall dividing Switzerland and Germany...without informing the faculty members and rest of batch mates....Talking to natives over there and making fun of them later....taking snaps with them with crazy poses...then Mount Titlis....freezing in snow and remembering Shahrukh n Kajol in DDLJ which has immortalised the romance in the way but its a classic!

My internship days were coool .....there was lot of hard work and responsibilty even though it was just a training period.....but had great time

Getting back on track....But this was not all....One should have seen us during classes and projects...Esp in teams...High competition....trying to beat the other group....the mega assignments...dealing with conflicts and clashing opinions and maintaining the cool temper was so challenging that it amazed me a lot but this is what I had come to get myself prepared about lot many things......the company visits, getting busy with research...and helping out friends....

I loved giving presentations....because I, being a good speaker ....ahem ahem:) feel different when face the audience...being centre of attraction thrills has always been the case with me... can't help used to work upon my speeches deftly...

Still remember the big one...Asian Century - Hope or Hype! That was part of our National Economic Planning subject and it took everyone in a frenzy......we had burned the midnight oil to make it the best and it turned out to be a great success...ours went so well that everyone was speaking about it it the promotional aspect or content, it was brilliant...
Professors liked it as well and applauded our group's effort...

Farewell was sad....more for me bcoz I could not attend it as I had to leave the very day to Ahmedabad:(
Anyway, the crux lies in the fact that Delhi made me a stronger person, gave me a new direction, how to assess people, how to judge oneself....this one still has scope for improvement!

It was not just a good-good story, hit my shares of lows as well..but went ahead for an adventure of a lifetime..a beautiful one!

This was about Delhi days...and I and my friends are planning for a reunion soon! Amen:)

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