Nov 30, 2008

Being Vanya....

I am: complicated in an interesting way
I think: i think too much :)
I know: a great deal about myself
I want: a labrador puppy....zorro:)

I have: learnt so much from my mistakes.. i am thinking of making a few
I wish: to travel around the world
I hate: getting up early in the morning
I miss: my school days

I hear: whatever my conscience tells me (I follow it or don’t is just another story)
I smell: good
I crave: chocolates
I search: the divine force

I wonder: what if the TV was never invented.....OMG and what if I had a twin sister...aah my parents would have faced a touch time:)
I regret: nothing..atleast for now!
I love: dancing in the rains, basically i love rains!
I ache: when children are dragged on streets for begging :(

I know I am : a superstar in front of my vain can i get....:)
I am not: fat
I cry: sometimes
I believe: in God and myself

I dance: on foot tapping tunes
I sing: whenever i feel like. and then i forget who is around me till this person tells me or virtually makes me stop from irritating him/her..btw i am not that bad la la!
I read: often.
I don't: interfere with others unless i am really close to. and if so, i love to bug:)

I fight: when reasons fail.
I write: random
I win: hearts...damn i will never get enough of myself:)
I lose: respect for someone who pretends all the time.

I never: wish bad for anyone(some times i do in my heart and later feel bad for doing so)
I always: try not to judge people. but can't help it

I am good: at helping others

I am bad: at keeping up with time...

I confuse: my friends with throwing big- random- stupid facts which are all made up in my head and make them look true and then later reveal they are just figments of my imagination and see how they react....
I listen: to my heart(it is different that i don't act accordingly, but yeah most of the time i do!)
I can usually be found: at my home, crosswords, malls.....don't call me at work..i disappoint ppl who ring me at working hours! and my friends hate me when i don't pick up their calls...
I am scared: that a wild bull will run after me and hit me:(

I have been born for: making the most of my life

I need: not be that lazy as i am
I am happy: many things make me happy and a good sleep is one of them;)

I am obsessed: with my new perfume

I can go on and on and on: about anything exciting if it has something to do with books, food
and films.

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