Nov 26, 2008

Mystery Unfolded

Minutes later, I opened the door. It was dark, cold and silent all around. Trying to penetrate in the silence, I heard a noise.....not clear though.

Trembling fingers and soft steps led me into the space and I remembering all the horror flicks in one go, could not believe this was real.
Moving across the surface, something touched my feet. Imagining what could it be, I picked it up. Through my inward eye, I assumed it would be a wooden statue. Holding it, I moved forward. Would this road to the unknown end soon?

Repeatedly, my ears heard the strange sound that was the only sound I could hear besides the sound of my breath.
It is true that fear has no face.
I started to walk fast. I had to finish it quick.
Suddenly the statue from my hand fell and I kneeled down. To my surprise, I could not locate it near me. I stretched my hands. It was nowhere.

The sounds were echoing now. I heard foot steps. And then I felt someone behind me. This feeling came because one always expects someone attacking from the back, our pre-judged ideas extend from everywhere.

I did not stop there and tried to get hold of anything that came my way. Something very swiftly slipped from my hand in a moment.
I knew this touch. I knew I had to make my grip stronger next time.
Again I tried and caught hold of it.

It was my cousin's turn now.....we were playing BLINDFOLD!

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