Mar 12, 2009

Small is Big!

Small things are more than enough to light up a grumpy day! Well this is with reference to the new playlist which has my fav songs and yeah the much wanted song was downloaded finally...The time of my life..Dirty Dancing! It is such a great piece....

Coming back to small things, I must say that though all of us crave for lavish things in our lives, and we pretty much succeed in having them and enjoying them but they lose the shine soon. Why to suggest others when I can judge myself over here....

I can whine for long about something and nothing would turn up well and I would try to call up my best friend and she would say "baby I am little busy ..will catch u later"...and more whining within.....and then out of the blue there will come a random thought about something and I would be my natural cheerful self again;)

And therefore, a wise man has said " It is vain to do with more what can be done with less."

Wow....I really love these wise men and women who have written such wonderful things.

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