Dec 8, 2009

"Age old" Drama!

Today, I am feeling out of place. My colleagues are all 30 plus. I never felt this way for all these months. Today something happened and I realised that despite same kind of work we do, same kind of talks we share, yet there is some unspoken, unsaid weird disparity.

The interns I had under me belonged to my age group. Though I had to really push them to work & get the job done, at the same time, it was sometimes fun to work with them.

I miss my company.

Not that my colleagues have different mindset or something...its just that my thoughts and their thoughts do not gel that easily on certain issues.

We all have different perspectives, I agree and no two minds are alike. But at a particular level, it 's hard to communicate and channel gets disturbed.

Arguments are bound to happen but the at least chain should continue and the work should not get affected. Take any field, any sector..communication flow has to be right.

I am thinking of new possibilities & new ways to avoid contradictory things in my department. Hopefully, this works :)

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