Apr 16, 2010

A for..to Z for..

Here's a to z of my life's ingredients that make it even more sweet and spicy :)

A for Abhijeet
B for Baba
C for Cheese, Chocolates
D for Dancing in the rain
E for Entertaining movies

F for Foreign land
G for Grandparents
H for Humor
I for India...always!
J for Juggling at work

K for Kindness
L for Love
M for Mom
N for Nidhi & Novels
O for "Oh my God" most used phrase

P for Phone, Pizza Hut, Perfume
Q for Quiet mood
R for Reading in trains
S for Sai Baba
T for Titanic, Terminator -2

U for Universe and its mysteries
V for Vanya
W for What the hell?
X for Xcitment, adventure
Y for Yippie - most often used word

Z for Zeal for life


Ashutosh said...

Cool...new look blog...new description...A to Zs of life..whats cooking :)

Vanya said...

Hi ashutosh...thanks...i kept on changing blog skins and settled on this one :)