Jun 2, 2010

If only... the rains could wash the pain!

I am sad. Being sad is a recurring story. I can realize that my last post was written in a similar mood. And today when I write this, I feel just the same.

It rained in Ahmedabad last night. It was enthralling to smell the wet mud, listening to the birds chirping on balcony, watching the purple color of sky, feeling the cool breeze. I was so lazy. I tried to read for some time. But chose to sleep instead. Like that was going to help. How vain our efforts can be? We live in some self-created illusionary state.

Anyway, I listened to the songs playing on radio. To my surprise, the first song I listened was Ronan Keating’s “when you say nothing at all” and it left me with so many unsaid things. I waited for AH’s call. My cell vibrated at 11:05 pm and I answered half-heartedly. I anticipated that we will talk about something else. But we did not. And then I slept.

I woke up early with the same droning mood… I did not recall seeing any dreams also. I checked my cell for any message. There wasn’t any. Finally he called. It was cliché of last night...whoa...Could it be any more serious…duh! I feel so vacant right now.

Anyway, I don’t have much time to extend this post. Got a presentation to finish.


nids........ said...

Why are sounding so sad and depressed. If only the rains could have washed away your pains, I wish everyday a small barrel of cloud comes your way and sway away all your pains.

Vanya said...