Sep 9, 2010

The "I do" moment of my life

The day is coming nearer. My anxiety, happiness and excitement is soaring high.

It's a new phase, a new beginning.
I will miss my parents of office desk, my office PC (for some strange reason, i like making folders within folders and naming them meticulously), my tailor who "understands" my concern for proper fitting , my parlor {yeah..they are so important in my girly:) }

Oh yeah, and I will be moving in with a man i love/admire/fight/can't live without :) hmmm.....pretty interesting!

all those rom-com movies with subtle scenes and dialogues between newlywed couples hover in my mind...the whole "married" thing will be weird coz i very much enjoy my "ms. status" :)

its not so simple choosing bed sheets / curtains / furniture when one has got so many choices around...we will select the best ones... it's going to be a fun ride for me and AH.

I never thought it will be so filmy-types when it will happen to me :)

Anyway, shopping, invitations, menu, decorations blah blah blah...are being placed in order..which is a never ending story! It's all happening so fast and at random...

I will be witnessing my big fat Indian wedding pretty soon.


pRasad said...

Congrats !

Enjoy new phase of your life..

Vanya said...

Hi...thanks for the wishes :)