Jul 12, 2010

Gymmie Gymmie Gymmie

Yes..I have joined the gym. I am very glad that finally this is happening. My diet is also super cool and am strictly avoiding my favorite 3 Cs - Cheese, Chips and Coca Cola :)

In a way, it is nice as I am getting up early in the morning which had been on a constant mental denial since many months. Also, I will sleep let's say 11-ish at night which means reading till midnight will be only on weekends! Anyway, I can manage everything to get back into my slimmer shape.

Another great thing.....Monday is surprisingly less annoying. Redial is on leave for 2 days..and I am super duper ecstatic about this :)

A happy weak ahead!


RoHiT Iyer said...

Hahaha redial--> I'm guessing he/she's your boss or an irritating colleague :P..
And yeah gym ya way to fitness :p.. good luck :D

Vanya said...


pRasad said...

first time on this blog..Would like to follow it..

Is there any way to follow this blog?

Vanya said...

hi prasad, just click on follow as friend :)