Jul 3, 2010

June at its best!

Last week was good..no...too good!

a. Being with AH in the most wanted way :)

b. Chi-Chi became a couple "officially"

c. I wore my greenish brown Saree and flaunted it like anything

d. Took as many snaps as possible

e. Got 2 novels from AH: The Zoya Factor & My Feudal Lord, A&F's T-shirts & chocolates

f. 106 was a level higher than 511..more meaning added to the nos.

g. Took my ukhana with AH's name in it :)

just superb!


nids........ said...

I wish July would be even more best than June...and so the coming days....this was a gud one!!!

Vanya said...

yeah...thanks :)half of 2010 is over and i can't wait for this year to end!!!