Apr 1, 2009

DAYS - Part 1

Am back from Delhi....my post coming after many days...

and today is 1st April - fool's day..what a day to write this month's first post.

these days r really kewl... i mean we have all sorts of days celebrated all over the world for some reason or other & they become part of our lives..

as for this april fool's day, i remember we as kids used to do so play many pranks with friends and family and it was soooo funn teasing on this particular day!

and then there are some "special" days practiced in colleges these days..like

rose day..where in u gift rose to some one with particualr color symbolising ur relation with that some one

chocolate day...here u give chocolates..for the heck of it!!! u can make this a regular habit and see outcomes:)

mismatch day ..hillarious one..ppl come up with weird outfits...totally fraking fashion sense....but fun

traditional day...beautiful day...to see everyone dressed up in their tradtional costumes..diverse culture show!

and yes there r some more days ..(am using internationally accepted ones..not the Independce Day n Republic Day & festivals over here)

new year day

earth day

best friend's day

children's day

father's day

mother's day

woman's day

youth day

earth day

peace day

labour day

& here are some more which are really unique :

sandwich day

boss's day

dictionary day

black poetry day

talk like a pirate day

miidle name pride day

lantern day

coconut day

dance day

music day

laughter day

hello day

sleep - in day

isn't it amusing?


Ashutosh Didwania said...

You probably missed the most popular of them all...Valentine's day...its not that insignificant, is it? :)

Grisham Benz said...

hmmm...we do celebrate a lotta 'days'...we need to hv some 'nights' as well...friends' night, bachelors' night....cud add to the city's not-so-happening nite life...thnkfully we do hv 'nav-ratri' and nt 'nav-diwas'...

Vanya said...

to Ashutosh
hi...i wonder how i missed valentines day..am gonna add it now!

to Grisham
yep..nights add glamour unlike days!