Apr 9, 2009

High on - life, myself n more!

Found out that there is happiness all aound, cribbing n whining sucks!
(observed this before, accepted today)
no more of that from now....and am sticking with this...its hard not to crib but I am good at trying & getting!

and yes, I know that I take pride in whatever I do.....my faith just got reaffirmed!


Ashutosh Didwania said...

Its so refreshing to see posts (both this one & the previous one) embossed in positivity and depicting the brighter aspects of life..a sea change frm the general cribbers that are found at every corner of the web..hopefully u'll keep them coming on a regular basis..all the best with ur new found thought process!

Vanya said...

To Ashutosh

Thanks for your wishes....