Apr 17, 2009

I & The City

I have been traveling a lot lately. Monday started with boom and ended with a bang!

Although its all coz of work but yes, Delhi draws me a lot and it has always been like this. I am so much attached to Delhi. I have lived in so many places...now when someone asks me where are you from, I get puzzled. Though I say Ahmd coz thats where I am but it doesnot make much sense ....zzzz..whatever

Allahabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad....they all a part of me.
Every place has got a story to tell....

Allahabad where I still remember going to school on the rickshaws which were so cute..those where in 3 sat on this side and three on the other. ..and I still remember how we used to fight for our seat as if our name was written somewhere.....the rickshaw-walla rode it ..we teased him with all names like motu..dunkyyy..how stuppid we were ...singing songs, cracking jokes and making faces :) My favourite teacher is in Allahabad. I want to meet her...It has been many years now. I so much want to visit the city once again....i rememeber one particular street which is known as Zero Road in Allahabad...

Enter Ahmedabad...sense of losing best friend...are u reading this cookie? if yes, i expect a call / post from u..lets fight on this one..what say? :)
mixed feelings on making new friends, new school, new uniform.....gosh i dreaded it for 2 yrs....but yes it was not all that bad... something happened to make it wonderful.....so am happy.

Cut to Kolkata...dad's transfer..and me...whoa..city of joy this time! But could not be here for long...that's the sad part! I remember that sugar n spice store near my home..munched many things there and that particular smell..uumm..can't forget it. How often I and mom went to this humongous new market..very much like the Palika Bazar of Delhi... and Park Street... ride around Maidan...Swabhumi....the famous Durga Puja..the lights...the fun
There was only 1 Maharashtrian family that we knew but it was a great company. And I gave my entrance exam..got busy with books and landed in Delhi

Delhi 10/10....amazing time of my life.
Always had this desire to move out and see the world. Getting out of the shell, is very much important in some stage of life....2 yrs in Delhi made me independent, learnt the value of money, made me understand many things about myself and people.
New friend circle...some getting close some falling apart...

Assignments and projects, presentations and industry visits, movies at PVR and momos anytime! Discos and bookstores...Old Delhi to CP, shopping at Janpath ...I enjoyed them all! Hmm still remember how I and my roomie went to this Art Gallery at India Habitat Centre and looked at these abstract paintings..making out new meanings outta them...just kidding no offence to artists..but somehow I can't make out this modern art...to me art is what touches and makes me think!

Guwahati....leisure days....In between Dad's transfer again..now North East. Frequent visits during vacations. I picked up a little Assamese from Jamuna our maid. Mighty boat ride on Brahmaputra and Bihu festival were awesome!

Mumbai episode started last year...I liked working there as it was so new and so fresh and I liked this change of place. But I did not like my work. I liked it cause it paid but apart from that it was so not interesting. I had to do it beacause I had no choice. Commuting, changing tracks on locals..phew!!!
But Nikita my lovely colleague was so helpful. Yeah she doesnot like me saying thanks..:) but shez a gem
As a child I was fascinated by Mumbai, no charmed is the word... but the dream got over in some days. But overall, it was fine.

Re-enter Ahmedabad...this is called Destiny Inc. I love my new job cause this is everything I wanted to do, and this is the field where I want to grow further.
And it is more special as am with my parents again:)

This is how we get attached to places, people change but the cities remain the same. Thank God for making this journey so wonderful....and keep on adding new places in my life:)


nids........ said...

That is my friend vanya..telling about everything so beautifully, that one could imagine how much she had in her kitty to talk about, and tell. Am I write titli urf pepsi..the name tthat started from allahabad, and travelled from north to west, west to north, back to west, west to east, and again, back to west-end.
And, yes, I found myself there. Thanx for those lovely memories, which i Forgotten somewhere, coz..we never shared the company in the rickshaw....When u were in the rickshaw, my father or grand-pa used to pick me up, and later on, when i got upon it, ur pick and drop was in a light khaki color jeep. And finally, I got up with my cycle and continued with the jeep......
Well, ur trip had been, is, and will always be a successful one and I pray...ki ur destiny should not b confined upto ahmedabad...
YOU HAVE MILES TO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WISH U A SAFE AND BEAUTIFUL BON VOYAGE.....(applicable for your each trip)

Vanya said...


I knew u wud be so prompt in replying me back:)