Jan 10, 2009

AMAZED - My state of mind!

If I have to describe my current state of mind in one word, then it would be - AMAZED

How funny are my moodswings..damn I am turing into gosh..what not:)

So, anyway...coming back to my state of mind.

Amazed because-

Every minute I am seeing things change....how stupid can this be? But it is there..and I am flowing along with it.

No wonder they call ad business - a mad mad world....am virtually living in it..phew!

Call it deliberate, quinessential, freaking creative....infinite words can be summed up together to define this concept termed "WORK".

Start my day with blinkng eyes, gearing up myself and telling myself...yeah baby....its morning:) and look my face into mirror and think...and realise dear God I am getting late now:)

I n all this hurry and thoughts raging at the speed of light...I reach my work area. And the first thing I watch just before entering my office is the time....and this watch tells me....again I am on time...Nothing ideal but worth something:)

So the day begins with basic verbs which one can find in any basic Grammar book -

talking, thinking, writing, walking, running, eating, searching , making jokes, listening, managing and doing all that is called client servicing in our ad world.

So when the day ends and my work is done..its 7 or 9 or 11 or 2 or 3 or 4 ...can get pretty exhaustive.

But in the end when I lay down on my bed, all I get is a good sleep, which is short lived:)

And then I feel truly amazed realising another important theory of life (believe it or not) that all good things are for a very short span of time:)

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