Jan 23, 2009

CHANGE - Not just a word!

Change is a very powerful word. It did wonders for Obama.

Well, to me change in an individual is in terms of thoughts, actions and way of living depending upon circumstances and forces operating in one's life.
Changes - good or bad are inevitable.
They are either in a compuslive form being thrown on us or we imbibe them because of personal/social reasons.

Changes and adaptability go hand in hand.
Management books give insights on changes, resistance to change, solutions to avoid resisitance and many more related concepts.
But I have always felt and realised that books and theories can only supplement a fact; they cannot judge or deicide that this is a rule of thumb or this is how it is going to be..blah blah blah
My personal experiences tell me that whenever I have changed something about myself, it has nothing to do with what is right and what is ideal in such and such cases....but it has been based upon a deep thought, introspection and sometimes out of impulse.

I am easily influenced by anything.
Literally anything that charms me in the slightest possible manner or that attracts my attention I go gaga fo it.
This is little stupid because then I feel like emulating the same in me. It is not imitating someone or tryig to be like sombody...its just picturing myself how would I behave in someone else's shoes.
Such changes don't last long because the real me gets over again.
Ahh please nothing to do with multi-personas here:) am far too occupied with myself!

But yes, some changes leave a mark. Sometimes changes happen automatically without realisation and others tell you that "hey! you have changed". Seriously, when one recieves such comments, I wonder what goes in their head - what do they mean ....You have changed for the good! or You have become worse ! or you are still the same..you can never change! I have observed that people mostly do not appreciate changes in others while they secretly admire the same adopted by them.

Earlier, I used to bother myself a lot by issues like what others will think and "others" were less important people apart from my family and friends.
Isn't it good that I no longer commit myself to previous follies by being distracted by such thoughts.

I have experimented with my beliefs and looks. So far, I am satisfied with them because certain beliefs are constant and I am happy that the basic "me" hasnot changed.
I Like something new, something different and something exciting that keeps the life going and that drives me to enjoy life as it comes my way.

SO, cheers to change:)


anvay said...

Change is the only constant thing in this world. Well said Vanya. Change is something which creates balance in this universe. What goes up must come down would be another one of the superb laws of the reality and I must predict that the US empire which has been at the pinnacle for a very long time is now to come down anytime soon.
Great Blog....

Anand said...

Hey u, I liked the way u express urself. N' I myself believe that a bit of madness really does spice up our otherwise mundane life.. If U make it mundane in the firt place urself that is.
I think..I'm gonna come back to read some more.

Rakesh said...

hehehe u know i am working on a case staudy which talks about change....most of the thuings were apt to that situation

Vanya said...

thanks to all:)