Jan 28, 2009


Good morning:)
Last night as usual when sleep was playing hide and seek, I kept myself busy with random thoughts.
I find such late night thoughts amazing because they have no relation with each other...just thoughts...funny and sad..all kinds of!
I was thinking that there are times when we do certain things which we ought not to.
This post is dedicated to those classic moments where I was torn between COULD/WOULD/SHOULD!

There were times when I felt like I could have done this..but something propelled me not to do it because doing it otherwise would have created some problem. Similarly, I should not have done something but I did it because I wanted to do that thing earnestly. So, could and would and should always clash when it comes to decision making.

I have seen a very interesting poster in my cousin's room. It has a picture of a lazy dog and
it says -" I can, but I won't"....kinda cute and funny!

Anyway, I mostly try to do the right things in my life. As a student I was good, I am working sincerely, my relationship with family and friends is warm and sweet.
So, where do I go wrong? Of course there are flaws in me...I judge things like hell...and I m way too emotional.
Thousands of time I have told myself to think practically but no...my stubbornness gets into the way.

So, my moral clock tickles me everytime when I when I am jealous or angry or feel proud..what I mean is when 7 sins overpower me ( each on its time!) I sometimes choose correctly between could / would/ should and sometimes I just lose it.

OK then....time to go back in the real world.......ha!

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