Oct 7, 2008

I, Me & Myself

i am trying to bring a balance between my thoughts, actions and speech..difficult thing..but trying

i love to read ...and love to watch movies...depending upon lot many things..my type would be comedy-more into a slice of life kind of! , drama(sensible one), horror(that too which really horrifies..), romantic movies (i dont cry while watching movies..but it should give a feel good feeling)

i find human nature very dynamic so studying it sometimes helps me in knowing the kind of person i am ..

i try to experiment with food..i am a vegetarian and advocate the same!and am crazy about cheese and chocolates..yummmy....

international politics interests me a lot...got an opinion abt everything!trying to understand the forces the current world is being driven by...

i take pride in whatever goal i set for myself.....i dnt want to remember the new year resolutions...huh coz they r unrealistic..i mean other goals..u know priorities n focus on high-funda philosohies of life!!!!

sometimes i dont realise them and sometimes i do..so its just that i need to have more patience in me..thats really required right now

and i love to talk..but i am also a good listener..i have got a great imagination....create images in my mind and enjoy them..

i dont like rock music..i am more into hip-hop, instrumental genre..indian music..and ofcourse bollywood music..i like old melodies n some amazing tracks in my cds but puhleez no himesh kinda..i love to dance...

i have started to love french..and here it goes..je crois en me....it means i believe in myself

then i like adventure sports..no need to go with my figure..its all in the mood and mind!
i love taking snaps...its wonderful to capture moments in a click..and it gives so much of pleasure to sit back n see them.. i love swings and hammocks...
also i want to have a pet..a labrador perhaps...maybe someday...i have comeup a name...zorro

what i dont like abt myself is that sometimes i get prejudiced about certain thngs...also i am a bit..no a lot lazy..sometimes i am lost in my thoughts but thats ok coz, otherwise life would be perfect...and i like this imperfect world of mine and the world around me:)

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